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  1. Sadly, Marshall is remembered as the Minister in charge of DOC at the time of the Cave Creek tragedy.
  2. Very good. The high profile, dynamic ones that you are missing. Dennis Marshall for 6weeks, Mark Gosche, Craig Foss, and David Bennett.
  3. Interesting trivia question. There have been 14 Ministers of Racing since the position was established in 1990. Name them, without resorting to the Wikipedia page.!!! Some interesting names, and collectively what have they achieved? Also, interesting to note the current chap gets paid $288,000 p.a. for holding the post.
  4. Both sides play the endless blame game and it gets us nowhere. It's very childish. I just wanted to know, what the Racing Minister has done since being in the job.
  5. Next thing you'll be telling me that Andrew Little should visit hospitals and talk to nurses and doctors.! Outrageous !
  6. What an interesting day for the Racing Minister. An appearance at Riccarton on the same day as he is named as the alleged chief bully in the Labour caucus. But it raises the question, what exactly has he done as Racing Minister since he was given the job?
  7. Just wanted to congratulate the person who puts together this site. Good range of articles and people interviewed. Very Informative. Well done.
  8. That's a very poor post. One of Freda's themes is the poor quality of riding, particularly in the south. It is a constant theme, and she's not just jumping on the bandwagon because of what happened at Cambridge.
  9. That's true, but it added a bit of bite to the days racing.
  10. Just spotted the corgi racing from the USA on ESPN. Huge crowds,no stewards enquiries, no endless wait between races. Perhaps the CJC could boost attendance with this?
  11. Bets on how many will start in the once great race?
  12. I am curious to know how many people forked out for the $25 entry fee at Riccarton?
  13. The debacle over the jumping features at Riccarton raises the question of what happens next? Will future Grand Nationals be allocated elsewhere, if so, where? Or will the whole Grand National idea just be quietly buried? How long before the Guineas are moved? One thing of which I am certain. The thief who is pinching punnets of flower plants from my garden, will be launched over Jumbo as a final tribute !!!!
  14. What has Mills achieved? I keep being told, the Couplands Mile, but that was 15 years ago. What since then?
  15. No money for a public grandstand yet?
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