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  1. Ludwig

    CD harness

    I am surprised it has lasted as long as it has, particularly as that land is in a great spot for new housing. You would certainly think that it's days must be numbered
  2. Ludwig

    CD harness

    I grew up just a few hundred metres from the harness raceway in Palmy. And I look at it now, and it makes me sad. The facilities are still pretty basic, the fields are held together by Michael House and co. And I wonder where is it headed? What's it vision, plan for the future...or just exist as is??
  3. Terrific fields going round on the grass this Saturday. 12 races, about 170 acceptances. Any tips would be appreciated .
  4. Ludwig


    Majestic Man's run was strange. I thought at one stage Brad was going over to drive, but obviously not. He knows the horse well .
  5. So she keeps telling me!!!!!
  6. Forgetting to buy the cream when she who must be cherished has repeatedly asked you to remember....not a good idea.
  7. Ludwig


    And just as a P S. Matty gets five wins for the day. Well done lad .
  8. At the end of the day, if someone wants to sponsor a race and put up the cash, good on them, that's their call. For the bulk of Jill and Joe Public, I bet they don't really care. There are more important issues....like why did I forget to buy the cream?
  9. Ludwig


    Great result today for the connections of Monty Python. A grand campaigner, and well driven Matty.
  10. I find it disturbing that there is some type of celebrity status being attached to breaking the law.
  11. The law is the law. If you don't agree with it, lobby the appropriate people to have it changed. Until then, obey the law or face the consequences. It all quite easy .
  12. As long as we don't get the "Jacinda Ardern" classic.
  13. Ludwig


    Two meetings in the north this week, total nominations 180. Three meetings in the south this week, total nominations 577. And I get berated when I oppose closing clubs( both codes) where local interest is high, to support big city clubs.Grrr.
  14. Three big races on the card at Wingatui and all three go to Team Parsons. Well done.
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