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  1. At the cheese making factory, isn't the CEO known as the Big Cheese?
  2. One does "Shit" and one does "Shite". You notice how Ludwig got overlooked again.
  3. It's called winter. It does rain!! It's just that those two tracks seem to cope with it better
  4. Good question. I just hope that some of the better assets from Forbury, such as the lights, can find a good home in the harness industry.
  5. Sadly I think that is the most likely outcome. The current committee has been badly divided, having tried to roll the president recently. There is little grass roots support for harness, there are no big name wealthy players involved. So unless some miracle occurs, I think it's inevitable that the proceeds will end up at Head Office.
  6. I know there has been much talk locally about how unsuitable that site would be for housing. The low lying nature of it, prone to flooding, too close to the ocean, it's distance from shops and schools. etc So in time honoured Dunedin fashion, I am expecting a massive bun fight and lots of hot air.
  7. Thx for that. I suppose that is the concern, namely that clubs have been forced to change their constitution so that HRNZ benefits. That would be sad.
  8. Incredibly loyal to their home territory. They are a major factor in harness in this area. And good to see Matty getting regular success as a trainer.
  9. With only one more meeting left at Forbury after tonight, I am wondering what the timeline for the disposal of the property might be. I haven't seen anything definite in local media about what is going to happen to the site. I am curious about who is going to get their hands on the loot for the sale. Will it stay in local hands...or do we think the powers that be will put pressure on for it to be handed over to them?
  10. I question the basic assumption that there's anything wrong with NZ harness racing. In the South we have new trainers, drivers, juniors. Several older tracks are closing, but horse numbers are good, local interest is good. There's always room for improvement...stakes , rejigging the calendar etc. So in the South, all things considered I am quietly optimistic. But as for the basket case that is the north ????!!!!
  11. I really don't care about increasing junior driver competition between the islands. Such childish stuff. If the north has got issues, sort it out themselves and stop trying to make it "our" problem.
  12. The real super rugby competition was won by the Crusaders. This second rate contest with the feeble Aussie teams was just the leftovers prize.
  13. The obvious solution to the Norths various harness problems is clear. Put Cindy in charge, she can smile at everyone and give out hugs. Then Andrew Little can run heaps of reviews into earlier reviews to work out where all the money has gone.
  14. Yep, cut the cable, I'm all for that. Then the North can turn to it's great asset.......all those motorcycle gang members.
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