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  1. I take it Mr Brodie, that you're not the sponsor of race 4at Manawatu on Tuesday??
  2. My sport is tennis. In a word, I would describe Sky's coverage as hopeless. If they have the rights to the tournament, then show it, not just endless replays of the same match.
  3. It doesn't take much to confuse me, but the current situation with drivers and masks is baffling . Some have full masks on, like a bank robber...others have them under their chin, and others have nothing. This is during prelims and races. What is the policy? Is there one? Are they required to wear them? If so, why as they're outside?
  4. How long is self isolation going to last? I don't notice anyone bleating that you are hijacking "their" thread.
  5. I hope one of the powers that be could explain the reasoning for this?. Is this what the club wanted, is it what Invercargill wanted, or is it the decision of some numpties with darts and a map of the South?
  6. I've just moved to a place which has Sky TV. The first thing I saw as I switched on was Guerin. I Found the off button very quickly.
  7. No. I can't think of anyone who needs winding up
  8. Cracking good look from behind.
  9. Ludwig

    Hannon Day

    Thanks for saying that. Phil has been loyal and convincing owners to let him drive. But they want to see a winners cheque. I see he's got the drive on Our Pinnochio on Sunday. I know one of the owners and they'll be patient but for how long?
  10. I would have more respect if it was for the Nutcracker. My debut as the Sugar Plum Fairy, was in a word, stunning.
  11. The list of withdrawals grows by the day, and still plenty of time for more. This is becoming sad. I might have to enter my cat to boost the numbers.
  12. The champion Mr McClellan. He won a race today. Well done😀
  13. Ludwig

    Whip rules

    I wouldn't want to lock anything with some of the old dragons at my supermarket.
  14. Ludwig

    Whip rules

    Re whip rules, I wonder if they should be used on people who block the shopping aisles by leaving their trolleys plonked diagonally across the aisle.!
  15. Ludwig

    Whip rules

    I don't get how they can be watching the whip action of every driver throughout a race. Haven't they got anything else to do ?
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