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  1. Not likely. I had four sisters and that was four too many.
  2. It cheers me up. After all, my favourite bakery has produced custard rectangles instead of custard squares. All very distressing.
  3. Self imposed self isolation is just a joke. And Oamaru this week was swarming with cruise ship passengers. But then they won't let me in at Waimate tomorrow to lean against the fence.
  4. Ludwig


    Delighted for the club at the size of the fields. Ok this year the course is closed to spectators but it won't be forever. Good luck to them.Genuine heartland racing at a course where locals got stuck in and rebuilt their grandstands, unlike Riccarton and Addington.
  5. Absolutely agree. There is a real demand for meetings such as this in small communities..234 nominations!!! Wouldn't Auckland like that? And for these small communities, these race days are so important. If people like White man don't like them, then don't watch. No need to be offensive to the locals in calling Waimate a backwater.
  6. Ludwig


    It is the Waimate meeting at Waimate and has attracted 234 nominations which suggests it is highly popular. Local trainers and stable staff do have the right to run at a local course. And long may it continue.
  7. Ludwig


    So it's all about Canterbury. What about the many horses, owners and trainers from the local area. ?Aren't they even allowed one day on their local course?
  8. Ludwig


    The gallops were unceremoniously pushed out by some clueless half wits in the admin hierarchy.
  9. Ludwig


    234 nominations for little old Waimate is excellent. It's good to see the course still being favoured by harness after the hasty retreat of the gallops. It's a good winter course. The locals deserve better.
  10. Ludwig

    The Tylers

    Well done to them. Third in the guineas, third in the Oaks. Great work. Go Riverton.
  11. Well done to Bradley for the way he's got this horse running. He's certainly got Dad's skill and patience.
  12. Excellent suggestions. I am an industry outsider but that all makes sense to me. Now who's the person in charge of South Island racing who can make these things happen?
  13. Well I never have anything of importance to say, but it's never stopped me.....
  14. To go back to your original question....I notice that this thread has had 336 views yet only a handful of comments. Most threads are the same....lots of rubber neckers or tyre kickers. Why don't some of them say something and contribute?
  15. Good runs today. You pleased?
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