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  1. Catalyst NZ TAB $1.10 NEDS $1.75
  2. There were about 8 protestors outside the main gates. One with a loud hailer and the others with placards. They achieved nothing.
  3. I would have thought more meetings and higher stakes.
  4. Haven't they got McGovern and Moody up there to use.
  5. I wouldn't worry T. From my point of view I only looked at their punting perspectives purely as entertainment value as there is nothing better than a good laugh. You couldn't really accept what they put up would be of any benefit. Bazza should be renamed Benny Hill as he was hilarious attempting to show all and sundry his masterclass displays of money making systems which were as successful as the Titanic's maiden voyage and the passenger airship Hindenburg taking most passengers with them. Anyone who actually emulated what he put up would have ended up with the same fate sinking out of sight or crashing and burning. As to the pricing put up it was fairy tale stuff and all over the place. By some chance if one did manage to get one right the other sycophants would clap and applaud and forget about their own ratings. Let's face it even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. It was all basically about juveniles skiting as to who has got the biggest. What fun 🤣
  6. That is it in a nutshell Piper. The clubs want to retain the race status at group level which of course means extra funding the higher the status and the breeders want to retain the highest status to support and enhance black type on the pedigree page.
  7. Thomas was referring to the down grade from G1 status when referring to the breeders.
  8. Of course breeders are helped if their mare has black type race form on the pedigree page in the sales ring. Breeders will want the highest black type rating on the page ie G1 so if a race is downgraded to G2 or G3 it does have an effect. So they certainly won't want races being downgraded. Pretty obvious I would have thought.
  9. Great day at Trentham today. Just back home after a very good days racing on a very good surface.
  10. Not everyone would use the information of course. Race video's are available to everyone also yet very few actually look at them, including yourself.
  11. Once again Thomas is right. If he said it was night you guys would argue it was day etc. The pentrometer readings are all over the place and not that reliable however the new moisture meters are indeed far superior. Last month I was privy to reading of a track in the morning with the new moisture reading and it showed hard up against the rail was a good 3. From two widths out across the entire track it wasn't and the slower reading was uniform to the outside fence. I was already very confident of a horse winning there that day but armed with that information I was now super confident as I knew it was going to lead and be right on the fence. My bet was doubled and I took a multi into another whom I believed would benefit also. The provider of the information received a good sling I can tell you and very keen to advise again.
  12. Murray it is the same for the Anniversary on Saturday. In both races the colts and geldings all get 55kgs and the fillies and mares 53kgs. If anything has won a black type race in the previous 18 months then they cop a penalty. Jacksstar won the G2 Awapuni Gold Cup in March last year and the penalty for winning a G2 is 2kgs hence his 57kgs.
  13. Since my return home have just caught up on the news Butch Castles is leaving us and off to Te Rapa taking over from Ken Rutherford. Thought he did a pretty good job here overall and we await to hear who is going to replace him.
  14. This is a different matter altogether and totally irrelevant to what happened. If the correct procedures had been followed the starter would not have released the gates without clearance being given by the assistant starter that all horses were loaded. Instead he made an assumption they were all in and dispatched the field off his own volition with no check in place. Sloppy work with resulting mayhem.
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