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  1. FFS give it a rest you clowns. Free speech is fine , but drivel isn't. Start a post with some intelligent conversation. And yes I do come on here to see if its worth posting anything only to be confronted by the same circus full of clowns posting personal retorts at each other. Infantile.
  2. You are missing the point Brodie. Wether or not the man is well heeled before or after the event matters not. He puts back into the Industry that he obviously loves,and good on him. Isn't that what all us owners are doing. ? From your statement one could deduce a certain envy because of his success,fueled no doubt by your ad infinitum comments on AS barn domination. And while Rusty does have a point , time will tell if the Industry is bought to its knees finally and all races will be contested by one stable. Till then we will continue to compete for that share of the pie, which I may add would have made a large dent in AS takings but for a little more racing luck.
  3. it was interesting to hear D Butts comments on the type of cart now in use , especially the steel ones that have no give in them and act like a catapult, which we saw at Cambridge.
  4. Yeah, win or lose, its a privilege to have a horse as good as MM. He,s only 5 so plenty of time left to win group ones. The trotting ranks are only getting stronger and stronger, and its great to be racing other horses of the caliber of the AS barn. They need the competition and MM will certainly give it to them. We certainly hope Dark Horse finally comes back to racing,as she has the ability to foot it with them as well, and for sheer top end speed would have the wood on them all. Kinda like Sir Castleton.
  5. Very rare event indeed. Thoughts are with the Legend and his family, it is to soon Ricky we need you back. From memory the only other time it has happened (I think) was Eugene McDermot, who collapsed from the cart during the NZ Cup that Parisienne won. Unfortunately he didnt make it , from all accounts he was dead when he hit the ground.
  6. Depends on which way you look at it. Great maybe not, as he got the cold shot at us after trailing and MM having to burn early. Winterfell was toast in the Inter Dom final had MM taken the passing lane instead of hanging out. But thats racing folks.
  7. Yes spell now. Not going to the Southern Lights. Im still nursing a sore throat from yelling at the TV. He had Oscar (mick g,s best horse in the Sthn hemisphere) beaten but Winterfell got the cold shot at them. Hes a very good horse and the next few seasons will be fantastic to follow. Dark Horse keeps finding ways to not want to get back to the track. Eventually she will after a long break, and from all accounts still has her speed. Patience its called.Hopefully we get some youngsters qualified for the Jewels .
  8. Geeze you are a hard marker bud. There is definitely nothing wrong with the team, and how you got that has me stumped. Talking through the wallet are we?.
  9. If you leave the obvious out of Jewels day , its good fun with some surprise results in amongst the minor placegetters, which is good for those battlers and smaller stables competing on the big stage. Its the one time of year I really have a larrip at them, so am hoping we get one or two qualifying next year as its a good excuse to have a few days off and enjoy some top racing. Cambridge nxt year and will have my son in law tagging along (as long as he behaves himself) and as long as we have a horse to run. I think it would leave a gaping hole in age group racing if it discontinued. IMHO
  10. Lest we forget Happy. The Jewels being shifted to Addington, on one of the worst weather days in a long long time. Sleet, wind and driving rain, with hardly any public support apart from us owners huddling in the stands.
  11. Correct Thomas. Not sure why a wire fence was present. Some pretty gutted and sad connections at the moment.
  12. Chief and others . He had a paddock accident on a wire fence and ripped most of one hoof off. Andy my son in law (thats Campbell) the trainer, showed me the pictures, bloody bad . They bought in an expert from Kentucky to try to repair it (twice) and it looked like he would recover. Seems that failed. Very sad for all concerned.
  13. Marcoola very unpredictable. Driver Zach didn't make any difference. Nice run by our horse , starting to remind me of a parallel between MM and Phil Mickelson when he was rated as the best golfer not to win a major. We will have our day, and the National trot coming up next. Merry Xmas guys.
  14. Would have been more interesting had we drawn better as MM has the gate speed, but he wont be knocked around with the National Trot coming up. Oscar has blown up before but it is the likely scenario from that draw. Marcoola , not for me. Minor place getter.
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