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  1. Purdon always said he wasnt going to the dominion as 2 miles isn't his go and he wouldnt have enough miles for him to race in a 3200m race. Targeted the Trotters FFA, you could have even got on at 5s!! Might as well go for an easy win and earn another 13k if he wins
  2. Is it over 1700m this year to give them an extra 91m lead in to the first corner? Or is it an error and is over the 1609m? Because the extra 91m gives the outside 3 big guns a better chance at attacking Majestic Man
  3. Nz trotters ffa Oscar Bonavena 3yo SS Republican party Nz Cup self Assured Nzffa south coast ardern Dominion Sundees Son
  4. Pembroke Playboy for mine. Was desperately unlucky in the Hannon, dont think Self Assured or South Coast Arden will be at peak fitness for this week.
  5. My favorite memory was backing Guerrero (paying $19s) at Mot after it trotted past me in the prelim trotting beautifully. Was 5l infront going past us at the 200m mark and I was yelling "keep it in its gait Stephen!" (as McNally was on board). Brother got then quin with Pammys Boy running 2nd, Murray Edmonds quin. Also I still also say lunges and nails em when the outside horse gets up re Sir Lincolns 3yo win
  6. What is the price to go to Sweet Lou this year? Be interesting to see what other sire is around his value
  7. The Williamson boys happy hunting ground has been Forbury Park as shown again last night
  8. I thought robbie did a great job on RnR Mama, didnt fluster when Nat went and waited and tracked Sam on Plutonium Lady into it, both were 10/10 drives and in another 15m would have been closer. I thought the racing was superb with horses coming from everywhere, good competitive racing
  9. Nigel deserves all the praise for his efforts. Love watching the interviews on fb as they are live
  10. Matty Williamson should have stayed on O.B after his sale just before the jewels. Knew the horse, was only with Purdon/Rasmussen for a week
  11. I think even the Brodster would be backing Steel the Show a place at $3.8, that's good value
  12. Sundees Son probably got the worst draw for himself, but still extremely hard to see him not win unless there is driving to keep him on markers if he isn't quick enough from #1
  13. Just to let ya know I wake up and piss excellence, just one of those things
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