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  1. Never let the facts get in the way, as we all know when you put two harness meetings on the same time turnover suffers in them both. Yip that is often correct but whats this Methven turnover just short of 1.2 Million, must be some mistake, Brodie sadly off the money 💰.
  2. No wouldn't be a poor drive , the drivers instructions at Ashvegas were clear , if you can't get to the front sit parked and put the pressure on. You need to watch the interview on Unhinged , Laver unfortunately is a one trick pony but one which I wouldn't mind owning.
  3. Great to see laver jump up the rankings, after talking to James Dunn his part trainer he is probably one of the few horses that could go sit parked and still be there at the finish.
  4. Thru john in for 3rd 4th in first four , thank you
  5. Cheers, went to Nathan on John's advice
  6. Race 5 Oamaru could not win with 600 to run, unbelievable how he can judge pace.
  7. Hard call Chief, watched a replay of the race with tim and john , John's comment was when tim pulled the plugs and got to work on the horse it sat down. Problem i have is the stipes keep bringing up the word perception, it's very rare anyone gets convicted on perception in the real world.
  8. R2 shards in Manhattan 1000 at 2.10 Run in four R6 sods law 1000 at 2.20 run in four R7 franco niven 1000 at 1.50 run in four
  9. Unfortunately after talking to a few senior drivers today Ross is on a hiding to nothing, there are a few reasons why Ross steered back to the inside safety and horse welfare again Unfortunately don't get recognized. Punter perception seems to be the overriding factor in stipes decisions. The case is not going ahead today so Ross can have a lay person there as is his rite.
  10. Probably unfair of me to just say watch his previous starts, the horse has alot of issues they have ironed out one in having a bone chip removed but there is another issue which makes him a very hard drive , Ross and his farrier have been working on him for a while now . I'm not going to go any further until his case is done with but he's one horse I wouldn't judge Ross's driving ability on.
  11. I'm not going to go into details until the case has been heard, but I can tell you there is alot more to that drive thats meets the eye. The horse has had and still has a few issues, replay a few of his previous race's and watch his actions. Pays not to judge someone like Ross until you know the background, personally I would be very disappointed if he received any sort of penalty.
  12. 30 free bet on Thursday for me use by Sunday night, better half deposit 150 and get 70 , must be family piss poor punters.
  13. The rules or whatever you want to call them means you have to pay out 100% percent of stakes over the season, some meetings like the cup or green mile day will require stake top ups from other days but over the season you will find stakes have increased at Methven.
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