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  1. Yes they are Mardi, but the problem lies deeper than that.!!. Follow the trail of these thugs, they are dead set going to destroy the Racing Industry as a whole and many dedicated honest people . Cole and Rendle have raked in since the S.P.C.A. chrges were laid many Millions (check the web site for facts).. We need to put someone in charge to stop this carnage, it's rampant, and out of control, somehow we need to step up and stop these low lives from ruining lives of honest decent people and their animals and a lifestyle that has been to the forefront for many years
  2. And have the dogs been let out?, Is the New Zealand Racing Scene sutterly over the last few years been Infiltrated by a pack of thugs that have only one thing in mind and that is to make money at the expense of the dedicated honest people that the Industry up untill now has been built apon. Is it possible that through the weaker code (greyhounds) these mongrels have wormed their way into positions to satisfy their greedy needs.. Think about it!!!.. before you go spouting off. Let's take CAMERON GEORGE for example..a man that lacks INTEGRITY and is more BENT than a Bulls broken Dick!!.. Just look at his position today and how he got there... There are a lot of his cronies slipping into positions and will be named that are shagging this sport so let's get started...:) Bickford, Kennerly, Holden, Barsi, and GODBER, to name a few) also the big fat lady that is baby sitting the salary as C.E.O. while RENDLE and his partner the Poodle Killing Cole gets dealt to by the pending S.P.C.A. court case. The trotting Scene has inherited a few of these aresholes and the Racing Integrity Unit is as Bent as Cameron George,and Ross Neal that set the benchmark for this out of control scene... Wake up, speak up, and let's put the racing Industry back on the World Scene where it belongs....
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