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  1. I dont want to see the industry go but its on its last limbs. Maybe if alot of the corruption and problems was called out sooner, it may have been different. All i see is mistake after mistake by those in charge and is one of the reasons i along with many others will never be directly involved in the industry again
  2. Some people want to see the sport survive past next year. You know. That cut of point the industry has? I dont think anyones individual success or failures trump the industry. What good are my group 1 trophies if i can no longer enjoy the industry?
  3. 2 questions. what does the chief operating role do? This is no way an attack on Liz as shes a good person but what has Liz done to warrant being in this role? Shes a media presenter. This role seems out of her depth if it holds any real importance at all. Knowing the industry and people in it shouldnt be the only reason to get a role. Thats absurd
  4. If thats the boards interpretation, why is the rule not written as such? How absurd
  5. Yes, those figures were just a baseline with alot of variables. Those were just the numbers id go by personally. 15-30k does encompass all costs up until they start racing which isnt a bad number. Youd expect most litters to be capable of making back what you spent on them from the bitch being semenated to the dogs starting to race A dog making 12k a year is from a trainers perspective and can vary greatly. 12k a year for me covered all basic expenses of that said dog on a 50/50 deal. Saying that I'd still need a few dogs to make more to cover personal expensives etc as i
  6. Breaking in and rearing a litter can cost anywhere between 15-30k up until they race. On a 50/50 deal with no fees, i used to need a greyhound make 12k a year to cover its costs. 6k to cover food, supplements etc and 6k to the owner. I presume this will be more now
  7. Beginning of the end for greyhound racing. Funny trainers have had issues with this track for years with little lee way given but as soon as the media pick up on it, they react right away
  8. No surprise at all. I read the review grnz submitted and there numbers didnt add up. One of there categories had 0 dogs when ive brought in 2 alone for that purpose and they know.
  9. Who knows. I imagine they trialled before the first race so i doubt they didnt know the track was slow
  10. Some conditions more likely than others. Was told the surface was very hard yesterday and the meeting shouldve been abandoned sooner
  11. I already think the issue is beyond repair. Licensed holders gave up their rights and now we are starting to see the effects of this. They have no say in any of the decisions or rules made, they have no say in any election for an official besides the license rep (whose only one voice on the board anyway) And the licensed people in NZ are so busy squabbling amongst themselves that you will never see strike action like what has happened in Vic. People have already started leaving the industry in droves across all regions. Its only a matter of time before racing is finished in
  12. Are we surprised? Grnz has been run very poorly for years. Its only a matter of time before it all catches up. What infuriates me the most is that grnz has had 10+ years to fix the problems in the industry and has still made nearly no progress on it. If anything, the industry has gone backwards
  13. This post wasnt meant as an attack at anyone. I think he was hard done by aswell and made a scapegoat.
  14. Now this isnt an attack at anyone but i think the case against Danny Laing needs to be looked at because the rules around this subject are very poorly worded. If you read the rules, every licensed person in greyhounds punting is breaking the rules of racing
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