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  1. The Liberal-Left Has Gone Fully Illiberal Jenin Younes – January 9, 2021 Over ten months, I have watched with incredulity as the liberal-left has unquestioningly and unequivocally embraced policies, ostensibly to manage the coronavirus pandemic, that are not only illiberal but authoritarian. With each passing day, those on the left-liberal side of the political spectrum display greater acceptance of increasingly oppressive measures. Maybe I should have been prepared. With more and
  2. 27 December 2020. Updated 29 December 2020. by James Alexander Alexis de Tocqueville In 1858 Alexis de Tocqueville wrote to a friend about un virus d’une espèce nouvelle et inconnue, “a virus of a new and unknown species”. He was not referring to anything biological, but to the French Revolution. And it should be obvious to all of us at the end of the year 2020 that the significant “virus of a new and unknown species” this year has not been the coronavirus but the political response to the coronavirus. In trying to make sense of the extremity of what has happened,
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