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Cutting down on numbers, can do package deals if buy more than 1 dog.

Big Time Faye can run out the 457 meters as well as sprint - 3k

Big Time Harmony good early speed will be suited to 295/318 meters- 3k

Big Time Charm more suited to 295/318 meters- 3k

Big Time Kilty can run 457 meters and in good form - 3500k

Allegro Asher very good box speed but more suited to shorter distance- 3500k

Allegro Secret has good early box speed and young- 4k

Big Time Lotus runs out the 457/520 meters strongly- 4k

Big Time Brielle runs on strongly looks to run further, only a maiden- 3k

Allegro Windy has good box speed, only a maiden-2500k

Big Time Rufus will be suited to smaller kennel, hits the line strong, only a maiden-2500k

Big Time Shady will be suited to a smaller kennel, only a maiden 2500k

Big Time Chalky hits the line strong can run further distance-2500k

Big Time Double runs strong 457/520 and running 600 at the moment- 3500k

Big Time Ryder runs out 520 meters very strong- 3500k

Big Time Dream only young dog hit the line well last start, only a maiden-3k

Big Time Hayley can run out 457 meters strongly and well bred- 3500k

Big Time Heaven has got early pace be suited to shorter distance, only a maiden-3k

Big Time Odette runs 457/520 out strongly-3k

Allegro Pippa good box speed and runs 457/520 out well-3k

Big Time Pedro very strong dog can run 457/520 and 600- 3500k

Big Time Rover looks to run further distance and be suited to smaller kennel-3k

Big Time Sticker hits the line strongly only a maiden- 2500k

Big Time Tink hits the line well, in good form-3k

Text - 0211314285

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