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  1. We are nothing special Ludwig just a bunch of really enthusiastic Committee with a big mouth President. We are though typical of the one day clubs in that we are smashing our heads against a brick wall trying to work out how the rationale works of closing courses like ours that are attracting punters and horses, doing reasonable turnovers, at least holding our own financially and not costing the industry a cent. Nobody has been able to adequately explain it and nobody has even tried. All we get is 'the status quo is not an option'. It might not be for the CJC or the other big clubs but they want to look at their own activities first not try to cannibalise those who have looked after their money and resources.
  2. Apparently they were unhappy with the way the Club was being run. He also mentioned the poor crowd there that day (3000 people according to Henry Plumtre). Fairly poor turnout for a horse they are touting as a Champion but it explains the need for Te Akau to step up and sponsor that fillies race.
  3. Repeat myself why don't I? That was an interesting comment by Henry Plumtre re why Cambridge stopped sponsoring at Te Rapa. Maybe all is not in 100% harmony among the hoi polloi in NZ Thoroughbred racing?? I must say for spending a million or thereabouts of industry funds and having arguably/supposedly the best horse NZ has seen in the last few years on show Te Rapa did a piss poor turnover oncourse $158k versus $160 last year. And $2.5m off course versus $2.7m last year. Someone has to realise this is not an acceptable or reasonable return on that level of industry funding.
  4. After watching that maybe (if those politicians listen) we might have a hope. Though I presume NZTR and their cronies are still to come?
  5. After watching that maybe (if those politicians listen) we might have a hope. Though I presume NZTR and their cronies are still to come?
  6. Big issue for us small clubs is we do not have the time or the resources to travel up there to appear before the Select Committee. NZTR, the NZRB/RITA, Thoroughbred Breeders and their cronies and the Big Clubs of course, bloated by the huge level of industry funding provided to them(and given their over staffing probably having eff all else to do), will be appearing end masses. Result the Select Committee are liable to think small clubs don't care. We submitted but I am realistic we don't have a hope.
  7. Reefton


    I was a bit harsh on them actually. I got told $125 but the actual oncourse was $144(maybe intertrack the difference?). Offcourse $2.5m Trentham(up 21% on last year - as was almost everyone last week(up I mean)). And the award for the highest percentage increase in overall Turnover?????? Drumroll please .............................. The little old Reefton Jockey Club up 76% overall(knew they were top operators) Helps a bit when you don't have any competition
  8. Reefton


    Even more disturbing.... I acknowledge when Trentham (as a racecourse) is good it is very good(ditto Riccarton and Ellerslie) but a little comparison... On Saturday $130k or so of industry funds spent on stakes at Grey for a $192k Oncourse. Trentham $545k of industry funds for an oncourse of $125K Waiting for the offcourse but doesn't make great reading(and I will bet a bloody sight more young kids got their first taste of the excitement of racing at Omoto). These disturbing results whereby the 'pinnacle' events that you would expect to see massive(comparatively) attendances simply are not supported is a continuing concern.
  9. Yeah as I said previously his first day calling gallops was our meeting ten or so days later I think after three harness meetings on the Coast. Yeah not sure about that but I remember Ian's voice failing him at Grey Trots more than once. It made me feel pretty average in that I could only imagine how desperate he would feel talking but with no sound coming out.
  10. Reefton


    Yeah well it takes a bit for CAANZ to turn on you so that tells a story in itself. He must have been bad..
  11. Reefton


    Yes where they usually do it is right by that big slip that closed the road for three weeks late last year
  12. Reefton


    One thing I do know the sort of tricks Accountants get up to cover their tracks when there is something they do not want the public - or Auditors for that matter - to know. So I don't doubt there will be no trace on the WRC financial statements of all the money put in but it will be there all right. Greymouth was a 'Metropolitan' club under the old District Committee Structure as well and all those lovely tidy facilities people mention there were all paid for by the Racing Authority (the stand, the admin block and the stabling) - the rest of the Coast (Kumara included) got zero when assistance was requested. And if they haven't got any money in the last 22 years it is because their snouts were far too deep into the trough for years beforehand and essentially the money ran out. Since then they have just got a vastly disproportionate (in terms of turnover) amount of dosh to blow on stakes .
  13. Reefton


    I've said it before and I will say it again - f off dickhead.
  14. Reefton


    $59k on a cold windy showery day last Sunday. Kumara have done up to $400k in the past so a bit more but doubt Grey have ever had a turnover like that. Good effort. Been over that bridge and up the hill a million times so there is no issue with that and if you thought there would not be a checkpoint (given the booze bus had arrived in town and been parked on the Main St for 2 nights) you would have been living in fairyland.
  15. In regards people getting knighthoods or whatever I am often left wondering what justification there is for dishing them out. Henry and Hansen at least brought some euphoria to the nation over 16 years or whatever. Whether we should even be retaining those honours - well that is another argument.
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