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Cast No Shadow for a place at 3.70ff in the big gun pace.

Will cross to trail easily while the big boys might beat themselves up. I think he is up there with them in terms of ability.

Otherwise it is a night for the favourites and picking horses for second and third.

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The stipes report for this meeting is a big read full of incidents and explanations.

An example being.

DIEGO - raced wide early stages. Over-raced for a distance passing the 1300 metres when being restrained to obtain cover. Broke near the 100 metres. Stewards questioned driver J Cox regarding the manner he drove near the 100 metres when DIEGO made contact with MEMPHIS TENNESSEE with both runners being checked. After considering his explanation, Mr Cox was issued with a charge under Rule 869(3)(d) alleging that he had driven dangerously by shifting his runner inwards to make contact with MEMPHIS TENNESSEE. Mr Cox admitted the breach and after viewing replays of the incident and hearing from Stewards and Mr Cox, the JCA adjourned the matter to allow both parties to make written submissions on penalty.

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I don't like when JCA say so and so "admitted" a charge.    Most of them only plead guilty to reduce either the fine or the suspension period.     Has been noticable lately how the authorities have sky rocketed the costs imposed.    Costs seem to be in many cases more than the initial fine. 

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