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  1. It's not a total ban Chief. Racing Australia have said that the ban will not apply to some fuckin tosser called Tommas from over there in NZ...whatever it takes to make the idjit shutthefuckup is what it is.😜
  2. Good on you then Fred! Still think that race yesterday was a real ripper and the time they ran on an off track sensational. Catalyst has a galloping action best suited to firm tracks, you'll see him at his best when he gets one over there.
  3. The track record for 1200m at Flemington is 1.07.1 set by Iglesia in 2001. In a straight line. The track record for 1400m at Flemington is 1.20.6 set by Lovey in 1992. I would have thought the final 1200m yesterday in 1.08.5 on a slow track, and around a huge corner, was pretty dam good.! Guess there'll always be knockers eh? How many champs have you raced Fred?
  4. Dear Tommosino and pastaman, could you please contact Peters since you clearly think he's doing a great job and is blameless in all of the accusations piling up? Ask him to keep up the good work. The polls are showing that the coalition of losers and handwringers are hurting, and it cannot be denied that Peters is causing angst among his chosen bedfellows. As was always going to happen. Leopards, or should we say hypocritical old egotistical fools, do not change their spots.🤪
  5. Yep its all going to come out in the wash up of the SFO enquiry. NZ First, pay up your dough and get your wish. Only trouble is the shit has well and truly hit the fan for Peters and his clan of miscreants. Trouble is any relief the racing industry may have got will be well and truly pushed to the back of the queue....no wonder ardern is trying to protect Peters, she is crapping herself that there may be an early election and the news that she has gone into a coalition, and is being propped up by, someone like Peters is not going to go down well. And Peters? saying now that funding to politicial parties should be 'secret'? HaHaHa that really takes the cake. Have a look at how Shane Jones has been mincing around NZ and the Pacific handing out the billions from the so called 'provincial fund'...why wasn't some of that used to kick start the racing industry? Just wait for the name calling and silly childish attacks on Simon Bridges diction from people who can't find anything else to attack him on. You reap what you sow in this World.
  6. Oh don't worry Tommaas I am going to enjoy watching Peters squirm now NZ First is being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office....and also now that Simon Bridges ( whose star is definitely in the ascendency) has cast NZ First adrift into no mans land.. And anyway, who's counting...coming up 3 years that Peters has been racing minister and apart from a whole lotta jobs for the boys, nothing at all of any value to owners/trainers has occurred!
  7. Who is gonna care about or know who this guy Dyke is in 50 years? But I can guarantee that Sir Tristram will still resonate. His name will appear in pedigrees for a very long time, accentuated by stallions like Zabeel, Savabeel, any sons of Savabeel who make it as stallions etc etc...thats assuming the pansies currently in govt don't get their way and ban breeding and racing before hand... I just think it would have been appropriate for Ellis to have continued to venerate Sir Tristrams name. The only reason not to would have been at the behest of Sir Patrick or his family and I can't see that being the case. The Ellis's clearly see themselves as bigger than a very large factor in NZ's racing and breeding history...guess who will get forgotten first ?
  8. I find this post interesting ' ace'.....were you pissed when you did it? I have the utmost respect for those who sponsor races, especially in NZ where the industry has been constantly let down, rorted, defrauded even by those supposedly running it. I've no intention of adding to those propping up an industry which is in a terminal condition...however Mr & Mrs Ellis appear to me, and plenty of others by the look of it, to be using a race of long standing tradition to further their own self aggrandizement....without any recognition of the history of the race. I can't imagine Sir Patrick will be amused, however that seems to be the way of the world nowadays. All The Aces? .....' read em' and weep I'd say'!🤑
  9. Including buying a race that was a Group2 ? What they've done is essentially creating a new race...so how come they've kept the Group 2 status? It just goes to show how corrupt and incestuous racing in NZ is..a club President can hijack a race, name it after herself and hubby and keep the Group status. No wonder nz racing is a joke to most countries in the world.
  10. 'Dave and Karyn Ellis Classic?? WTF? Whats happened to any reference to probably the greatest stallion NZ has ever seen? The flow on effect from Sir Tristram has been enormous...and so what do we get after the Cambridge Stud Sir Tristram Classic? Jeeze, self glory has plummeted to a new low. Is this the best they could do? What about poor old sir T, what about the Lindsays, have they all pulled out and left it to the egotists? Thanks Christ I'm in Aussie, and thats saying something!
  11. 'Simply bullshit' tommo. He and the rest of that board are political plants by peters. Ask a serious question...'when are the stakes going to double? Or..' when are stakes going to be reduced'?
  12. I've been trying to find what Catalyst has been rated over here. Does anyone know, or do you know if their nz rating just gets transferred to Oz the same? Not that it matters with the races he's coming over for.
  13. This horse has got some really knowledgable people talking here in Sydders...sectionals are the holy grail when racing experts are assessing how good horses are, Catalyst has run some staggering times and makes it look easy. There have been a few 'pretenders' cross the ditch over the last few years, he aint one of them. Can't wait.
  14. She's the one alright. Also Known As....' The Assassin '....detested by all who know her.
  15. Yes Coogee is wonderful at this time of the year tommo....could do without the smoke but its bearable... To get back to the topic, I'm hearing now that this RITA outfit that peters appointed...read it again...that peters appointed, is actually responsible for most of the proposed legislation giving the Minister at the time almost absolute power over the crucial parts of the racing industry. So this explains the appointment of one Kristal McDonald, QC. A supposed legal expert, but ingorant and apparently absolutely disinterested in racing. And she once was the Chair of the j.c.a., earning they say, $200k for doing almost zilch. Delegated all the work she was supposed to do to a c.e.o. including heaps of her own legal work. Anyone like to take a guess at what the industry is paying her for this RITA position?
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