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  1. A couple of points that I'd like clarified, if possible: The $17m annual fee for the website installation ( rip off ) which the previous RIB entered into-is that coming out of the $72m Peters announced? McKenzie, in his report 26 May said that consultation with the 'Executive Leadership Team' ( of the TAB ?) was starting yesterday...what is he talking about? More jobs gone or what. Just for the record, my view is that spending all that money on 3 artificial tracks is good...for trainers. Not racing. Why oh why common sense didn't prevail and a decent Strathayr installed at Ellerslie ( as at Mooney Valley) I'll never know.
  2. Not that you seem to give a shit what any of us think, Dean...however Can you tell us if the financial situation of racing in NZ is that bad that you and your cronies have to sack 30% of the TAB employees, stop the broadcasting of racing on radio ( and you should read Racing.com and Racenet.com to see how stupid the Aussies think you are!) etc etc How come you haven't done something about this? Board members, Directors etc of racing in NZ RITA 6 NZTR 6 RIU 4 JCA 6 plus CEO HRNZ 8 NZTR 6 GRNZ 11 ! ( 3 independent, 3 regional, Licensed person, 5 x committees for fecks sake) That appears to be 48. 48!! at least not counting other 'CEO's, Chiefs etc etc This is from the websites of these outfits. They'll be getting paid. So who do think the suckers are, again? If the govt can amend legislation overnight to give the cops power of entry to private property without warrants, don't you think you should do something about the gravy train above?
  3. Finally someone sees the point. Yes, its true. And yes, she should. But its the racing industry. Mediocrity, ineptitude,nepotism,stray rooting....and more...its all here folks.
  4. The above is an 'opening salvo'... When you consider that this woman has been PAID...not EARNED..millions of dollars by the racing industry over the years, does it make you understand a little more why the whole industry is so fucked? Who makes these appointments? Why are people like this woman seemingly indespensible?
  5. Does this surprise anyone? So RITA in their wisdom? decide that racing, the TAB. Racing Clubs, punters etc etc do not need Fields or racing articles in any news media Any radio broadcast of racing If you actually make it to a racetrack, don't expect to be able to spend your cash on buying a tote ticket And more, even if you have sky tv, you'll get very minimal coverage of races Who the fuck would vote for any or all of the above? I have been messaged by a guy who until reasonably recent times was actually part of the j.c.a. in NZ, when one of the RITA Board members, the original 'snout in the trougher' Kristal MacDonald was the j.c.a. Chairperson, i.e. in charge of the j.c.a. At one of their 'conferences'. in Wellington, this old legal hack MacDonald said, to a group including lawyers, a law professor, and some very experienced racing people....all who apparently sit in judgement on jocks, trainers etc at race courses 'You should not watch racing on TV when you are working at a racemeeting for the j.c.a. Read a book or something. Anyway, I can not imagine anything worse than sitting watching horse racing all day Read it and weap people. Guess who pushed for the abolition of the points in the opening part of this post?
  6. Things are going to get very messy. I'm under starters orders about what/who I can reveal..at this time.
  7. Yes it will. and it has. However just letting you know Chief that I'm not going to disclose anything which I cannot verify. There is a huge amount of money which has 'gone west' in the last few years from 'the industry' and it needs to be accounted for....fully and properly.
  8. The person is close to the action Freda. As in, close to RITA. What I can say at the moment is...as always.... Follow. The. Money. 🤑
  9. I don't expect these pricks to answer. Thats not the point of my post. In fact I've been made privy to some information that makes my fucking blood boil, but I'm not at liberty to say what it is...yet. I am going to protest my informant..lets call him/her..'deep throat'!! All in good time.
  10. Just one more Deano..the $17 million. When did RITA learn about this? Your boss Winnie MUST have known when he labelled the Racing Board a 'dead horse' 2 years ago. So is that 2 years at $17 mil since nothing has been done? $34 million? Have any of your legal experts on the RITA board explored how the industry can get out of this? Is it enforceable...because $34 million for the last 2 years that Peters has been Minister is a shitload of money...how far would that go in stakemoney? Huh?
  11. How much did it cost the industry to make Mark Stafford redundant? How much are you and the other so called Board members being paid? How many times did Peter Vela and Kristal McDonald physically attend RITA Board meetings? Who was it on the RITA Board that wanted to cancel newspapers, Trackside radio, on track betting..is it true that it was Ms McDonald who actually hates racing but just loves the payments she is getting, onceuponatime from JCA ( $200k for 1 day a week) and now RITA? What was the state of the industry before this Covid drama? Where is the annual report? I'm sure there are other extremely relevant questions industry participants in NZ would love to ask.. Meanwhile....why hasn't the stakemoney for the new season been announced? Could it be because of some of the above? anytime your'e ready, Dean.
  12. You guys should all read about the seemingly hopeless lack of any real integrity in Queensland. Some very well known trainers are saying its a joke, racing in Queensland is not a level playing field. Given the amount of money and the staffing at the integrity set up in Queensland, its a disgrace. Read about it RACENET.COM. Sound familiar?
  13. Over a week since I posted this. Still nothing from NZTR/RIU about how they intend to save money/cut costs/eradicate waste...Fletchers, Air NZ, plus many other large companies are reducing costs, cutting staff...when are racing industry participants at the ground level going to see some action? Is it going to be typical NZ racing inaction, wait until its too late and wonder ' wha happened'?
  14. And you know something different..? Cough up!!
  15. Chief. Stand in front of a mirror and give the guy looking at you a rogering. Jennifer Eccles is trained by S Ritchie....at Cambridge.
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