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  1. Just enquiring for a local fundraising sports club,would there be any interest for tickets to an old Fashioned Presidents Luncheon type of thing,on local trial days or racedays in the Central Districts Area?Soup,Main Meal,Dessert/Pudding $10-$20 dollars per person,Any feedback appreciated.
  2. We need Trackside Radio,I have spent many trips to&from a racemeeting,listening to results/times ,expert opinions on track conditions.Pluswe have to think of the oldies who listen to everyword faithfully while making their $1 EW on EVERY RACE. Even little towns have their own Radio Stations.....how hard can it be to have our own Racing Channel?????
  3. I presume there has also been extensive research in to how the wax based polytrack base will perform with the big NZ frosts&fog&also torrential rain.
  4. Why is this no longer in the monthly NZTR Calendar&if this has already been posted somewhere please redirect me to where I can find this information?
  5. It wouldn't hurt them to come up with a fundraising/charity/keep fit type of thing during the lockdown though would it,or even a genuine non scripted social media update about what they have been up to,after all they do claim they are professional sportspeople,look at all the other sportpeople of NZ(&the rest of the world) that have been able to do stuff for eg; kids tv,at home fitness etc
  6. Back in the day you weren't a good jockey or apprentice unless you could swing up yourself,from what I have seen in the last few years,I think only Opie is able to do it nowadays.
  7. Not as tough as the trackriders&stablestaff waiting for an opportunity to earn their next dollars.Hopefully the raceday jockeys have had a time to reflect on how well paid they do get for the amount of time spent in the saddle or in the stable.Not all of us who love racing are in the 56-60 kilo weight range to be able to become a jockey.
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