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  1. The science of natural selection. Is that your tipping service? Another Day. Another Dreamer.
  2. Fuck off idiot You are the reason there is a growing division in NZ.
  3. I did hear Megan Woods name mentioned, but apparently they had a quick poll at Petone, and the staff threatened boycott stating they would need two more pie warmers. I can confirm the new CEO is male, stale and pale.
  4. NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH JJ FLASH has put his name forward for the role but has been rejected for a variety of reasons, the most prominent being he's tasteless. Never mind JJ. No doubt you will continue to grip onto the one thing that keeps you happy.
  5. I'm ready and available I'm very keen and I love horses I will be at Cambridge at 4.00am tomorrow morning if anyone wants to use my services
  6. CUBO are the company appointed to select a merry band of men and women to put forward for the role. Robin Hood should apply so he can give back to the owners some worthwhile prizemoney. Kerrie Cox is CUBO EQUINE. Kerrie worked for Gary and Mark Chittock for the past 15 years as Bloodstock Manager, until she recently set up this new venture. I am sure there will be no Breeder influence in the appointment.........will there????
  7. I'll have $100 each way on ABANDONED in the last please Always remember. in racing management, stupidity is NOT a handicap.
  8. You may recall my comments regarding a first starter last Friday evening that was also nominated for Flemington today. Here is the update from trainer Liam Howley about today's race. https://essentials.ardex.com.au/Media/476/10075/a3727e7f-87b4-43cb-8d83-2616de9c2e38?utm_campaign=Sport Journal&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Revue newsletter
  9. At the very attractive odds I am having a punt on Sydney Cup winner, Selino, in the Top 3 / Top 5 / Top 10 markets. Will be running on when most of the others are breathless from chasing the favourite.
  10. I think a tankful on the Local Government owned Three Waters is a sound investment in the race. The Pommie trainer and Irish rider like ice in their whisky, so it looks like a Dundeel to me. I may have water on the brain but here goes. Bottoms Up.
  11. There will be a hundred happy folk after Station One just bolted in at Cranbourne in the first leg of the quaddie. All owners are people who receive the daily Australian SPORTS JOURNAL email (I highly recommend it) who joined the syndicate to race the horse. ( I have enough so didn't partake.) Liam Howley has been very patient but has always said this was a good horse and a first up kill was planned. A dead jump out a couple of weeks ago with some excellent trackwork and tonight was the target, with another planned. Liam sent an email with his thoughts this morning ....earl
  12. So you've got a photo of The Singing Budgie in your wallet - you take it swimming with you where you expose it to your wizened up old fella. Life has certainly treated you well. Geez I hope it runs second for all our sakes.
  13. Used to be my go to Karaoke song, and I was brilliant at it too, and only got better after every drink. I might sing it again and post a video when Chapada runs Top 4 in the CUP. Really good run yesterday and both trainer and rider were thrilled with it's effort.
  14. I love the Melbourne Spring Carnival. In my opinion it is the best time of the year for "value" punting and is made even better when you get the daily odds increases with the Australian bookies ( yes, it is something you guys standing round the pie warmer in Petone need to introduce). This weekend's target is the Caulfield Cup. The favorite has looked very good, but I am very keen on the two who chased him home in the Group 1 Turnbull Stakes, namely Young Werther and Chapada. If you get a chance have a look at the replay. Both made up many lengths in the last 400 metres to finish less tha
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