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Bit Of A Yarn

What's happening and peoples feelings?

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Bit quiet on the western front as of late on here.

I find if I get into things to much it starts doing my head in and have to take a break from it and any form of news. Only reason I look at any msm news is to see what angle the sneaky bastards are aiming at for their narrative.

Interesting there has been no news on N.Z. media regarding the Dutch Farmers or what's happened in Demark regarding dropping covid measures or the C.D.C, quietly ending differentiation on covid vac status.

Of course when there is no covid news its back to the good old climate change.

Guess its a wait and see or find approach currently

Cheers team - Lad27


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Well the masks are gone and last of the mandates soon. I shared a thought from Kiwi Voice on Facebook and had a friend reply what a load of dribble. I really dont think he believes that there are many like me in my way of thinking.

All I know I was lucky, I didnt lose my job or coersed into taking the jab. I had a fall back if need be which alot of people didnt.

Have copied and pasted my reply:

".... .... first off thanks for reading. I'm sure a few would just ignore and scroll on through.
For me and I'm sure 10's of thousands feel the same. Not from kiwi voice but what's happened over the last 2 and abit years.
Weather your jabbed or not doesn't bother me at all and every single kiwi should have had a choice, not been coerced into getting something injected into their body.
However the campaign of fear injected by the mainstream media was basically get covid you will die from the "One source of truth' was a load of bollocks and the pandemic of the evil unvaccinated did not occur either. The tune was then changed to get the jab and you wont be as sick if you get covid. 
Mandates occurred even when said they would not by the P.M.
Jobs lost, families divided, friendships crushed and I'm sure for alot it was just all to much in the worst kind of way.
People were all to keen to look down on people and shun those that didnt want what was been pushed. Hey but in the end the vaccinated got covid and spread it as well as the unvaccinated.
Plenty more I could write but I'll leave it there. I dont feel elated that masks have gone or the last of the mandates have finally. I feel sadness for the grief thousands went through for unnecessary mandates and anger over it as well.
Some will say let this go but this will live with me for the rest of my life.
I'd like to think it over but highly doubt it."

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