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  1. Bit quiet on the western front as of late on here. I find if I get into things to much it starts doing my head in and have to take a break from it and any form of news. Only reason I look at any msm news is to see what angle the sneaky bastards are aiming at for their narrative. Interesting there has been no news on N.Z. media regarding the Dutch Farmers or what's happened in Demark regarding dropping covid measures or the C.D.C, quietly ending differentiation on covid vac status. Of course when there is no covid news its back to the good old climate change. Guess its a wai
  2. Before I started a family I think the going rates were $17-$20+ (excluding gst ) a day. Hope that helps, will get into it one day again myself if N.Z. Greyhounds survive the Green Party and their agenda.
  3. Made the mistake of watching the project on 3 last night as a survey had been done on weather nurses should go back to work that are not vaxed. Surprise to all the hosts was a 57% yes response that they should. Well then all the pro vax rhetoric started spewing out of the hosts, with the main culprit been one Mark Richardson, the remote just was itching to go through the TV. That man needs to stick to the Block and Cricket commentating, absolute twat!
  4. Actually the first positive segment on Seven Sharp last night with Waikato Greyhound club. I messaged GRNZ the night before that one of the presenters had used the word 'rescued'. To GRNZ credit they got hold of the producer before going to air last night and it was a positive piece for the code.
  5. Had my first beer at a bar couple of Thursdays ago. Was the last place I had a beverage on the 3rd of December, didn't mind the wait and no vax floating in my body I'm very happy about my decision. Spotted about three other unvaxed enjoying a drink. Poor old hospo got thrown under the bus, run over by the second bus and the third bus hit reverse.
  6. Well last day of my isolation. Back to work for the weekend. Started on Monday the 21st of March with my 6yr old coming home from school with the rona. High temp and in his words 'sore brains', wondered about the house with a cold face cloth on his head for two days and pretty much after 48hrs he was good. We all had to isolate so I got busy about the property doing all those jobs I was getting onto. Thursday night I went to bed, woke up about 2am with fever, body aches. Never felt my bones ache before, legs and pelvis. So that started my isolation again, oh joy! Friday was a wr
  7. Aquaman, good turnout last week with about 4000 in the rain and very loud from my understanding. Top effort!
  8. Bang on Chief. J.A. is still holding her line but will it crack or not I don't know. Her undoing was the 7000 people watching live streams last Thursday. In the past there would have been complaints and nothing done about it, swept under the carpet. I was home crook ( not covid lol - I did have to have a test ) so watched alot of it. M.S.M are only slightly turning, interesting to watch.
  9. Currently a magic thing happening up in Wellington and Picton. People are united even with the mix of diversity ( couple I'm not a huge fan of but that's life ). I know people that have lost their jobs to the mandates, I know one person that has died but classed as a heart attack three days after her second jab, midde to late 30's. Then I have two friends at Fonterra that are in the predicament of their job or no job which both can't afford to walk away come the 1st of April F.F.S. all the govt has to do is open dialogue
  10. Personally I dont think the chch track will handle 4 meetings a week. What if there is a massive storm or another bloody earthquake? Southland will have 5 normal 12 card meetings and 33 mini meetings which I understand are 3 races. Rita need to look at their top heavy management structure first. Frontera did a chop chop of that a wee while ago. As for grnz it use to be run by five or six now 11 according to their own site. As for a I.T. person mmmm they ran from facebook for years.
  11. Mehe I'd take Andy over Trev anyday. Trev called a nose finish either Monday or Tuesday, was going on about the winner. Guess what - he was gobsmacked he got it wrong. That's done me over on the radio a few times driving. Andy's calling and form analysis are bloody good.
  12. https://www.grnz.co.nz/News/2540/Revised-Draft-Calendar-for-Next-Season-Released Otago probably gone, Southland downsized. Will hurt a certain trainer more than covid 19 did.
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