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  1. Would they be getting a first drive from you
  2. Brodie they do it to piss you off that's all
  3. I'm talking about the cheating 5 dog lol it got a stand down for a serious injury If you read the stipes report you will see what I'm saying
  4. What are you trying to say
  5. Yanking go look at race 2 wanganui 8thJanuary your eyes never picked that one up
  6. Why should they be looking at me for Because I told you the dog was injured And that I hope the trainer and vet take things further
  7. Your a fuck wit you watch alot of races And now your saying the trainer is paying the vet or some other sort of other payment I hope the trainer and the vet take this further
  8. It's been very peaceful without your comments The dog has a gracilis tear Get over your self yanking
  9. Mehe

    Court Day

    Can someone tell me who coles lawyer is if it's the one I was reading about on stuff he has been told by a doctor to have six months off because of a accident
  10. Mehe

    Court Day

    Ok but they were not the only ones believe me
  11. Mehe

    Court Day

    But I dont think the the tight 5 were involved with that
  12. Mehe

    Court Day

    I agree with you
  13. Mehe

    Court Day

    Really why do you think scott was the only one who went to his trainer I bet they all did
  14. Mehe

    Court Day

    Yea I think your right but yanking knows everything
  15. Mehe

    Court Day

    I think your wrong yanking once again
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