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  1. Clarke should get on sites like this one when he is pissed
  2. Maybe they may think twice about how many they are breeding then
  3. They will have to cope the same way as everyone else the people you mentioned have won that much money they should be able to cope
  4. I'm not a Freeman supporter but have you not read who was the person that gave permission Far out only one parasite here and that's you way south
  5. Mehe

    Andy McCook

    No you have it wrong Andy was involved
  6. There would be a meeting people cant get a start
  7. Mehe

    Andy McCook

    Oh you have the right family
  8. Mehe

    Corona virus

    It's not just greyhounds
  9. Out of the hat was the way it happend with me also another time it was where the dogs were positioned at the time the lure stopped both in group heats
  10. Mehe

    Court Day

    Why do you think its interesting for
  11. Would they be getting a first drive from you
  12. Brodie they do it to piss you off that's all
  13. I'm talking about the cheating 5 dog lol it got a stand down for a serious injury If you read the stipes report you will see what I'm saying
  14. What are you trying to say
  15. Yanking go look at race 2 wanganui 8thJanuary your eyes never picked that one up
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