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Bit Of A Yarn

A quick question please?

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20 hours ago, Freda said:

Go to the Loveracing website and then Race Info,  then trials, then results.

My password is null and void.  It won't let me see historical IE.  3months ago.  The thing is my friend (lady)  has a share in the horse and wants me to see if it's been to the trials etc.  They have been billed for possible???? Trips away. 

Thanks for your reply Freda. Much appreciated. 



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5 hours ago, Freda said:

You shouldn't need a password just to peruse the site...only to use the trainers' area, wrt nominating, etc.

I had a quick look for you, the horse concerned has no trial history.

thought so.  so galloping trainers match our trotting guys.  great imaginations. , :)



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22 minutes ago, Freda said:

I'm playing Devil's Adocate here....maybe the terminology was ' jumpouts'  and/or 'barrier trials'  ?

Neither of which come under 'trials'  that are official and which have results shown on the NZTR website.

definitely charged for trials,  transport as well.  it's in her hands now,  prolly  blame office person? Thanks 




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