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  1. Should be cancelled for good. Went there two years ago and it was an absolute shithole dump and couldn't get out of there fast enough unfortunately it was 5 oclock and it took me over and hour to get on the the southern motorway, and another hour to get off it. never again.
  2. There are two possible forrmline comments for Gabriel after today. 1. Settld midfield, drifted out. Tailed off. Last or 2. Settled last, soon tailed off. Last. Hopefully its number 2 and it stays away from the good horses and the RIU gives the trainer a warning to improve the horses racing performance and his own intelligence.
  3. Avondale Cup? Is the trainer a complete retard? There are lots of maidens rated higher than this horse and it should not even be allowed in the race where it could endanger other horses and riders.
  4. what kind of complete and utter disrespectful TWAT wears sunglasses in a courtroom? Never mind Question answered. We are talking about the biggest TWAT on the Planet. His poor kids I read he has six of them I bet they have all changed their surnames.
  5. The new Smedley. Poor bloody thing.
  6. What and annus horrobilis for NZ breeding. NOt just Cambridge stud with the loss of three stallions counting Tavistock who will probably never serve again but Waikato stud with O Reilly not long after Pins and now Sacred Falls.
  7. I watched The AM show this week and Christine Rankin was raving about George Hickon being the best CEO she had ever worked for. He was TAB Ceo in 1994. Has there actualy been a half decent on since? based on the likes of Chris Baylis and jobs for the boys total failure from day one John Allen the shortlist for next one could be the shortarse village idiot from the Viaduct, Brian Tamaki, David Cuniliffe and shrek the sheep.
  8. Smedley has more chance of winnign the Arc De Triomphe than TE Akau shark does of winning the Cox plate.
  9. agree Barry B ist like when a once competitive Boxer keeps fighting to pay the bils despite being beaten up every time. it become tragic to watch and you just want it to stop.
  10. I think George was making a point in his commentary. 11 years old . more starts that the rest of the field combined. tailed off. again. im sure th trainer loves the horse but retired him before he was told to which muct have been about to happen after yesterday. The horse desirves a wonderful home and mug punters deserve not to wast another dollar each way on him ever again.
  11. Ashley


    I agree with you she did not look like ahappy horse today but would any one or any thing be happy if you had to put up with Rogie every day?
  12. Ashley


    if considered good enough to contest a G1 as a maiden should have been able to miss the kick by five, travel 6 wide, get two checks in the straight run off and still win. ordinary.
  13. Ashley


    Wonder who will be trainig n her this time next week?
  14. Apart from Melody Belle who is the best mare ive seen since Sunline is this the WORST Group One field ever? If Melody Belle wasn't in it the top pick in the race for Paul Cavie ftrom the TAB would be Athena Baby an 8yo rating 82 horse rated a $151 chance by the Bookmekers and both race form tipsters rate rating 76 horse Atlanta Peach a top four chance If Melody belle doesn't win is this race is in danger of losing G1 status?
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