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  1. It may be so long they may need to print in a seperate book.
  2. As the report is for the period Aug 1st - Jan 31and with having the income from "their amazing new website" plus being Pre Covic -19 the figures should be OUTSTANDING based on the BS they were spinning Come on Dean release the figures or will they embarrass you and your Board.
  3. And the BEST PERSON they can get to reply to these important questions is IAN from PUBLIC AFFAIRS I hope the EXECUTIVE OF NZTA don't mind being given the "middle finger"
  4. Before we can do anything RITA should release their 1/2 year Financial Report. 3 of the last 4 years this has come out before the 6th April........why the delay. You can not keep bad news hidden forever.
  5. I questioned you last week BUT this week I praise you. 175k from BGP should help pay the wages this week. TAB WINNERS BY A KNOCKOUT
  6. Before Christmas when the TAB was having 50 million a week in bets I tried to put $100 on a greyhound @ $3.50 and was restricted to a bet of $39.00 Yesterday the TAB took a bet from BGP FOR $70,000 TO WIN $105,000.00 and lost. Last week they had 2.5 million invested in horse racing so would you not think that they would restrict their exposure. During the week on Racenet under "latest news" was article about Topsports and their new product. As detailed below One of TOPSPORT’s standout products is Best Of The Best Premium where punters can bet at any time up to 30 minutes before most Saturday metropolitan races across Australia and get the best price of Top Fluctuation or Best Tote, and you can bet to win up to $5,000! And that’s something you won’t get anywhere else. Aussie punters should bet here Dean McKenzie should investigate why TAB Bookies took this bet. By the way BGP well done getting the TAB to take the bet.
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