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  1. what you believe is your choice Curious, but that tends to be the way the real world works.
  2. Freda, whose suggested hanging anyone ?? Stop being so over-dramatic. You would make a good mate for ATA with his constant talk of "abuse". As The Chief has said many times we are all entitled to our own opinions. Some of us prefer to be open about our identity when making remarks. Others tend to hide behind anonymity and all the inferences that brings.
  3. No delusions here. This isn't about me. I wanted to know what contribution YOU had ever made to the industry. What credibility you might have if any. Or is shit-stirrer your main talent ? Me a bully ? Oh really ? find me one person who knows me that thinks that. Just one. Try asking these other guys on here. No hypocrisy here. The only hypocrisy comes from someone who wants to be preserved by "free speech" but do it the gutless way from anonymity. You felt abused ?? hahahaha you poor little snowflake. I cracked up at that. You are so 'stern" you don't even have the balls to reveal yourself you gutless wonder. You keep going on about abuse I wonder if you are not an abuser yourself. Maybe a convicted one. Maybe that's why you crave anonymity. "Got the pip and gone home" ?? thats hilarious. I simply have better things to do with my life. You need some help buddy. Now run along and get some help from the social services for your imagined abuse before you melt all over your keyboard ?
  4. scared were you ? doesn't take much for a coward to get the shivers. hahahaha ! Anyway I notice no response to my challenge about what you've done for this industry - precious little I would hazard a guess. At least you have the benefit of knowing who "this guy PJ" is. I'm not afraid to attach my opinions to my identity. If you really feel abused then please seek help ?
  5. If you’re going to start to abuse people have the decency to do it face to face. No one rates a coward. Have you ever done a thing for this industry or is this indicative of your style ? Nameless, gutless sniping from the safety of anonymity. People like you who want to spoil the enjoyment of others are a cancer. No doubt you tortured puppies as a kid. That would fit your profile
  6. Still no balls, still gutless, still sniping. No PM either. Not sure the ageist comment was necessary. A few prejudices showing through now ......I guess a verified, visible target is easy to aim at rather than a piss weak ghost in the shadows. Reveal yourself or reveal your true colours
  7. No anger here. You’re not worth the effort. No PM, no balls. I would like to know your identity. Keep it on the black book. But being a gutless sniper from the bushes, the last thing you will want is to reveal your spineless self. Integrity -zero. Credibility-nil. Says everything about you. What a joke you are
  8. Why didn't you ? Didn't quite have the balls ? Rather play these stupid childish games spoiling other peoples fun ? Speaks volumes about your personality... PM me personally if you wish to discuss. I know you won't have the kahunas to debate it on here
  9. Thanks for playing everyone. A most enjoyable renewal. I won't be running a Super Comp until after the 18th May and I'm not sure where it will be so stay alert.
  10. STATS Best Scores 546.00 Steve P 342.60 The Centaur 328.80 Punter Pete Worst Scores 189.00 Jasper 149.00 Howie 129.20 Maria Most Wins 9 Steve P (!!) 6 Wolf 6 Punter Pete 6 PJ Most Quinellas 3 The Centaur 3 Geoff 3 PJ Biggest Winning Margin 546.00 Steve P 302.20 Wolf  Narrowest Winning Margin 196.20 Smiler 189.00 Jasper Highest Losing Score 302.20 Wolf Lowest Winning Score 196.20 Smiler
  11. THE GRAND FINAL Race 10 - Hawkesbury R8 1st: 11 Archedemus W-$2.80 2nd: 2 Tom Melbourne Q-$10.00 Scr: 12 2 THE TOOFAST AGAINS $1147.60 3 THE WHACKY RACERS $1535.60 Congratulations to THE WHACKY RACERS - 2019 Summer Super Draft Comp Champions ! Tom Melbourne tried his best but that usually means 2nd and Kaonic didn't show despite a late plunge so the TFAs were unable to pull back two wins although they did manage to get one back with Smiler's BB quinella enabling him to nail Jasper. PJ and TooFast Again MVP Wolf also snagged the quinella in the last. Maria and impressive Man of the Match Steve P bagged BBs in the final race in the comp for the victors. It was a high scoring Grand Final unlike some in recent years and no one can argue the amazing performance of the Racers, 3 of whom managed personal scores of better than $320. Deserved winners for sure. Well done Maria and team ? 302.20 Wolf 546.00 Steve P  149.00 Howie 328.80 Punter Pete  196.20 Smiler 189.00 Jasper 226.20 PJ 129.20 Maria 274.00 Geoff 342.60 The Centaur
  12. In the last: Kaonic (if it pays $6.90+ or Tom Melbourne completes the quinella) will pull one back for the TFAs as will Archedemus New Universe (Maria) will give the Whacky Racers a 5-zip win. To win, the TooFast Agains need Tom Melbourne to win for Smiler and Geoff. However it needs to pay $6.90+ or Kaonic to complete the quinella for Geoff to get up.
  13. THE GRAND FINAL Race 9 - Eagle Farm R9 1st: 5 I Am Excited W-$9.60 2nd: 1 Redzel Q-$7.40 Scr: nil 1 THE TOOFAST AGAINS 955.60 4 THE WHACKY RACERS 1423.60 Opponents Geoff and The Centaur nail the quinella while Steve bags his 8th winner in 9 races. No change overall. 254.20 Wolf 490.00 Steve P  149.00 Howie 328.80 Punter Pete  100.20 Smiler 189.00 Jasper 178.20 PJ 73.20 Maria 274.00 Geoff 342.60 The Centaur
  14. Gonna be very hard to pull the Whacky Racers back from here... Maybe Jonker to win the next for Wolf and Tom Melbourne to win the last for Wolf and Geoff (possibly needing Kaonic to complete the Q)
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