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  1. Where have T & ATA gone?, incredible how those 2 seem to take a holiday together. The Chief catches T out on a complete bullshit and he goes away sulking with his brother.
  2. Positivity is not a strength you possess Mark, but yes I agree with the above 2 posters its a dump in its current state. The website says major changes are planned, worth a read.
  3. Chief, the BP is only effective on Monday morning for Saturday previous.
  4. I think judging by many of your mad comments in here that you have clearly been stroking your hose a lot recently.
  5. barryb


    Not deluded on the fact you are depressive. Unless you were there I suggest you stop posting bullshit, I was sitting in the grandstand and wandering around FFS, I know how many were there.
  6. barryb


    Still posting negative stuff Mark, you are a positive sort of guy. For your information, I was in the grandstand and yes there was a good sized crowd there. Bigger than there has been in a long while apart from cup day.
  7. barryb


    You are a depressive poster Mark, can’t recall reading a positive post in 12 months. Find another activity if it upsets you so much.
  8. barryb


    Nothing wrong with the crowd size ,it was big numbers. At least they were there to watch quality racing. They weren’t picnicking in the sun.
  9. First slightly intelligent post in 5 yrs T. Its been a longtime coming
  10. Is that a series about Winston voters?.
  11. Thomarse & ATA, yes I have to agree with you there.
  12. Boysgetpaid?. thats not nice DB. Have any of those guys done a single thing to hurt you?.
  13. Laying Catalyst T? obviously being the fastest horse didn't put you off laying it.
  14. They always do after the race, shame you didnt label them beforehand. Tomarse was laying Catalyst.
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