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  1. Yes exactly, there is something wrong with the home turn in that anything on pace is as Huey says gifted the race, I am not sure if its a camber issue, maybe its just the tightness of it or possibly the surface means horses cant quicken easily further out. As a spectacle its pitiful to watch, I find Avondale races a similar bore as the same thing repeatedly happens there.
  2. I was there last in January 2019 at the Xmas race meeting, its a filthy disgusting dump. Bird shit everywhere, millions of dead flies against window sills in the dining area. For an entertainment venue its horrendous & unacceptable, similar to Avondale.
  3. It’s too far away, the racing product from there is dreadful and the venue is on par with Avondale. We have got to stop trying to hang on to these low interest dumps.
  4. Huey you are living in LaLa land, there is no interest in racing now by the general public. Its not the TAB's fault that the interest has waned. Its boring old farts running racing clubs, trying to make them into exclusive zones etc, they have got there wish now. The sport has become boring to the general public Huey & even an avid racing person like me hardly ever now stays till the end of a race meeting as its so fucking boring. The sport hasn't evolved, its in a time warp of delusion, like your post above. You hanker for the old days of racing, but they have long gone mate other than 2 weeks over Xmas, I have given ideas that this sport needs to adopt to survive but it wont as to many think like you do. Here's whats needed to reinvigorate itself. 1) 20-25 mins between races 2) Quick fire Friday Night summer meetings over 6 20 min interval races 3) A nationwide jumps carnival over winter 4) Flattening of the stakes with $20k maidens & R65 & no races above $100k 5) Free Wifi at all tracks 6) All horses sold overseas to attract a 5% surcharge that goes to NZTR 7) Nationwide teams punting comps on a Friday nights races monthly over summer 8 Like pokies, allocate a % of your bet to go into a jackpot pool (online only) that is paid out after the last race to punters whom have the largest % increase in there TAB account. paid proportionally to say the top 20.
  5. I don't have an issue with the website, works perfectly fine for me. I watch feeds all Sat and Sun on my PC & its great. Mind you I have a fast processor, stacks of RAM & fibre 1000 so you could say if I am having issues then everyone will. You need to take your own advice about bubbles, you spend far to much time worrying about the D & E customers, smart business focuses on the A & B with a bit of interest in the C customers, leaving the D & E to tag along if they desire. Now don't get me wrong here, D & E can be very profitable but only on the right terms & with little direct involvement from a business. Finally the TAB with Covid may well shape up as a business, trim fat and get sharp with a few things, but not with hankering to the past like you are. FYI: Go & have a look at TAB Australia is you want to see a shitty website, its a dog to find your way around.
  6. Informant & Phonebet Huey? neither were a loss, both dated dinosaur age things. Was talking to a person a couple of days ago who said they don’t have internet at home, I couldn’t believe that there were still people around like that, how does anyone survive in this world without it. How do you pay bills, research anything you want to buy, get your news and info, and so on. Its called progress Huey & if the cost outweighs the benefit then let’s move on. Remember VCRs, DVDs, Cassette tapes, printed photos, Landlines.
  7. Only problem Curious is Pity races a day before you.
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