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  1. I wouldn’t limit the things he’s got no idea about to Technology.
  2. I think the same thing applies to him attending race meetings Chief, attends a few a yr, spends virtually nothing on food,drink etc, doesn't bet as all his betting is done the day after the meeting. Sits high up in the public stand perving at everyone & mentally criticising the shit out of everything and everyone, he cant do it vocally as its unlikely anyone would attend with him.
  3. Agree entirely, those whom I know use them suffer significantly from confirmation bias after watching 1 or 2 videos and so often ignore the rest of the field as a result. Time restraints prevent them watching videos of all runners, which only reinforces the bias. Not a foundation for a solid selection.
  4. FFS, you are not saying here that you often buy your dolls 2nd hand are you?.
  5. No accounts I have allow me to bet after the race like you T, so I don't have the advantage of knowing which one has lead to the line like you do. I take a calculated guess (before the race) like I did last Saturday with in running position and race tempo and I got a few of them right at nice overs.
  6. Having all that info doesn't help in the slightest if you bet after the race like Thomass does.
  7. Oh Dear, you don't even know when the piss is being taken out of you. I guess at least Ted tips before the race, its an improvement on you and ATA.
  8. Yes, the real issue here is that these 2 (starter & assistant) have a cavalier attitude to the stated rules (designed to prevent exactly this), they have openly said they ignore them. Do that in any other industry and when shit goes wrong you fall on your sword, this looks an open and shut case of we know best turning sour. Unless the inquiry brings up anything contrary, then goodbye as this is the 2nd time.
  9. I am waiting for the result to be confirmed and then I will back it.
  10. Hmm I don't think you know your black bitch Beth very well as she/he appears to have a pee pee.
  11. Shame it favs leaders, it’s N Zs most boring track after Ruakaka
  12. Lovely gesture Mardi, just proves that at this time of yr even complete idiots can get some Xmas cheer. Follow the advice T, I am sure the TAB will catch up with you and your bets the day after, this season.
  13. Merry Xmas Tommo, I hope santa brings you a new princess. Please read the instructions this time to ensure it lasts longer than boxing day.
  14. Wow not good Mardi, hope everything is all good.
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