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  1. Have a couple of days off then repeat , i know it's tough being blindingly positive but believe me when you get it it will be NIRVANA , and you will be wondering why it took you so long to get on board . And the great thing is you will then be able to read and fully understand the positive ones rantings , life doesn't get better . Well Ok yes it does .
  2. Yep running every fortnight right thru till mid October , so plenty of time to se how numbers hold up . The one interesting thing i'm waiting on is a wet track , been very lucky with the weather so far , i would like to see how it plays on a very wet day .
  3. Not so bad paid now , as i said the good ones have woken up to the situation and are really looking after staff to ensure they stay , but a lot of young people don't get into the industry because parents or friends of parents have been in the industry and have told kids and their friends not to touch us . I could tell plenty of stories of all the abuses i have seen , some tried on me but i didn't take the shit , would just walk if they didn't change . Unfortunately a lot of the kids are too scared to stick up for themselves . Saying that i've seen the same in other businesses so raci
  4. So perhaps the shine is wearing off , only 7 races programmed again and the nom's not big enough to split any , which was a regular situation a couple of meetings back , only 6 for the 65 sprint again . Perhaps a lull before the new season .
  5. Mate they don't like the long hours , especially in the season . To some degree some have brought it on themselves but the younger generation aren't grafters . Westbury Stud have started 40 hour contracts , with overtime provisions etc , because they were struggling to keep staff . Now stables i have no sympathy for , they have abused the privilege of hard working staff for decades , the good ones have now woken up to the issue and look after their staff far better , but the ship has sailed .
  6. The stallion handling especially is a specialist position , having handled stallions myself you need to know what your doing when dealing with stallions during the breeding season , i knew plenty of good horsemen who said they wouldn't even consider trying to handle a stallion during a service . The very reason i don't bother anymore , gave up getting to the track to find rider hadn't turned up or was late , that was after dealing with the fact that most weren't that good , but needs must at the time . As for BS doing a survey , well as usual well off the speed , bloody season off
  7. So i see another of our top 3yo fillies has left our shores , Atishu , a late season star has been xfered to C Waller , trialing on Friday in Sydney . Will we have any good 3yo's able to step up and fill the better races later in the new season . Getting scary .
  8. Yeah , every word , not . Well if we're relying purely on racing turnover to fund racing then we're F@#ked .
  9. Well i don't see the point of the TAB doing , their job is to gain revenue for racing , taking betting on other sports purely for them isn't their brief . And why would they take betting on sports that don't have a national body , who's negotiating and signing off on contracts for those sports . The TAB will surely be taking a bigger slice of each dollar invested on sport otherwise pointless . But i'm sure there is someone who will put us straight .
  10. Not sure of the cuts but i don't believe that each sport gets all profits from any investments on their sport , this is why they push sports betting so much , it's profits get put back towards subsidizing the 3 codes . Don't know all the specifics but racing certainly profits from sports betting .
  11. If you were a positive person you wouldn't even have to ask that question , it is a given . Now go back to your studies , and no more silly questions .
  12. Can you please remember to return it to the positive one when you feel you have attained enlightenment .
  13. It is interesting , only 6 in the 65 sprint . It is the big opening bash so i would have thought they would have wanted to showcase it with more than 7 races . Perhaps they were expecting more nom's so they could split , which has been the case for the previous meetings . The interesting thing for me was the lack of new blood trying the track , there has been plenty at the trials . I have always said it is a specialist surface , very few horses will perform on it and wet grass tracks , there are the odd exceptions .
  14. Bureaucrats sitting in darkened rooms that know SFA about the issue are making these decisions . I was told at my last warrant on my old ute that has basically passed every warrant for the passed 10 years bar the usual wear and tear , will fail until i get a rear tail light cover without the crack that it presently has , doesn't leak , which is the standard for fitness , but the mechanics at the testing station are pulling their hair out . They have told the suits that it is not a safety issue , but the suits won't listen . It's the bureaucracy trying to get older , even safer , veh
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