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  1. Give us long enough we'll suck it all out of you .
  2. The problem is that many good racing people haven't sat back , they have tried plenty , over many years . They fight or ignore or pay lip service to people who have had a great deal of on the ground experience . I myself have had battles over the years , they just think that they know better and everyone else is an uneducated pleb , unless you are one of the wealthy ones or part of the group . Good luck to you if you go ahead with the project , who knows someone might listen .
  3. Completely concur , their dye is cast , serious racing in NZ ( now there's an oxymoron ) will start above Taupo . The chief will be happy because Ruakaka is north of Taupo but unfortunately north of Taupo will stop at Ellerslie .
  4. Don't waste your time Reefton , they have a plan and it doesn't include improving SI or CD racing , they are only building an A/W at Riccarton and Awapuni as it was free money so cost them nothing and it made it look like they were doing something . The Messara Report was another smoke screen , they have basically used it as toilet paper .
  5. Forget about them fixing SI 2yo racing , the CD is not a lot better , they simply don't care . They would happily see the SI become the backwater that 2nd rate horses go to continue a struggling career , and the CD is is on the way to joining it .
  6. Sorry for the triple post , kept returning as if not posted , you can remove a couple if you wish CS .
  7. No , never , wash your mouth out . Add the other supposed NZ Metropolitan tracks to that list .
  8. No , never , wash your mouth out . Add the other supposed NZ Metropolitan tracks to that list .
  9. No , never , wash your mouth out . Add the other supposed NZ Metropolitan tracks to that list .
  10. Been saying it for years , do it now when the money for the land would set NZ racing up for the foreseeable future .
  11. 2 paragraphs , 1st on building north of Foxton , 2nd talking about Ellerslie and Waikato ending with where would you spend your dosh , your the one that quoted me from the 2nd paragraph , nothing to do with Foxton .
  12. No , somewhere north of Taupo , keep up . You asked where i would spend my dosh , which was the same paragraph as the Ellerslie and Waikato subject , 2 and 2 .
  13. Did you miss the first part of the paragraph ?
  14. I've written small articles on this topic on here , sell and rebuild north of Foxton , sell Awapuni as well , they are both worth a small fortune and would cover a large portion if not all of the project . Future proofs the CD industry but they aren't worried about the future in the CD , said it earlier 5-10 years all major racing will be north of Taupo . Strathayr at Ellerslie and the if the Greenfields happens in the Waikato Strathayr there also , sorted , 70-80% of racing on these 2 tracks and the rest playing support roles , as for the rest of the country , well if they can keep enoug
  15. I don't know who the track manager is or what his experience , maybe he's an ex jock or trainer who needs a job , seems to be happening more and more , D Bradley at Foxton and H Mathews is now doing Otaki , both good blokes and both good at their respective careers but track maintenance isn't a sideline or fallback option . We used to have a national track manager who seemed to be at odds with a large portion of tracks around the country and never gave anybody confidence that he knew what he was doing . Why can't employ someone with career knowledge and experience on the topic who can gu
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