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  1. NZTR have clearly stated that they are staying out of it and that it is an issue for GV and Race to resolve . So i would assume they have to remain independent when it came to the issue of nominating and racing horses at Race meetings and make it clear to Race that they would be allowing GV's horses to race at Race meetings if GV wished to do so .
  2. Yeah agree completely , otherwise what's their role , as usual TA on the other site always seems to grab the wrong end of the buzz saw .
  3. Makes a change . But you could have kept it to yourself .
  4. Peter , i ask this without prejudice , is there information behind this story that isn't being brought to light from either side . This seems harsh without due cause , but one thing i have learnt in 40+ years in racing is that racing administrators are a law unto themselves when they wish .
  5. Are you my wife ? because you sound like her and she always have to have the last word , just AAAAASKING .
  6. Unfortunately not enough courses for the horses left in their in boxes , just saaaaaying .
  7. Then that definitely makes the 15mil investment well worth it , just saaaaying .
  8. What about all the horses sitting in boxes because they don't like the A/W or owners don't want to risk them on it , a lot more unhappy owners than 6 happy race winners , just saaaaying .
  9. And only one of those 6 has a full field , 3 of them less than 10 runners , good value for 15mil tho . There was never going to be the numbers down that way for A/W racing . But it will soon be a pristine training track without all the hassle of that darn racing stuffing it up .
  10. Tell me the last government that didn't do this , don't tell me one is any better than the other .
  11. The majority of the black type they won here i.e. G1's won't be around shortly , all the G1's are on warnings and if you look at the average ratings for those races this season they are lower than the previous seasons , it's a downward spiral . We can call them G1's if we want but internationally they won't be recognised . All Black types below G1's are even worse .
  12. Don't hold your breath on a large portion of black type holding onto it's status , every black type race in this country from G1 down to listed runs well below it's required ratings average . In a few years our current G1 races will be struggling to hold on to a G3 status , because they are currently hardly holding onto that G3 level of rating . It's all well saying this race and that race can be black type but overseas they aren't stupid , they know when it's coming out of a cornflakes packet , they will hold no weight at all .
  13. Yet only 1 horse rated over 84 , Jodelin Gal on 89 , the only horse in the field that has true black type ability that i can see . But we need to get used to it , as i keep posting the numbers of fillies being sold out of NZ now is an avalanche . And how long till Jodelin Gal joins her 1/2 brother bankers Choice in the Waller stable . She's racing for 60k today but can race for 140k every Saturday in Sydney . The whole industry is shrinking , and it's shrinking northwards .
  14. Did you guys see the pictures coming out of Otaki , they would be talking to themselves , there was nobody on course bar owners , trainers and jockeys . Perhaps all the jockeys could have worn traditional dress in the races ? Purely for the TV audience .
  15. I would think helping pay RACE debt off . We are all part of one big happy family aren't we .
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