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  1. Rules: The competition will be running from this Saturday till and including Melbourne Cup day. The races will chosen by me alone, mostly the big races but not only. Select one horse in each of the 5 races, $1 ew, will be the imaginary bet. If your horse is scratched at any time, tough. The winner will be the person who has accumulated the most money.after Cup day. The first place prize value will be announced on the Saturday before big Tuesday. So chill out, have a crack and let the games begin. My decision is final. Please do not enter querys, comm
  2. Okay Sandy if you are up to it. .................... and Keryn Normal rules .... One horse from the 4 main meetings ... ( Auckland, Riverton !!!, Randwick, Caulfield) Closes 12 pm. Sandpiper --- 149.95 Mk2_Zephyr -- 64.84 still has a Joker. Keryn ---- -16.60
  3. If you can't handle the fact that I am going to win the Lay competition, then just say so. Otherwise you all just look YELLOW .... Will Sandpiper continue to follow the lead of the brood, in a desperate attempt to win something, even if it is by fowl play. Or will they front up and try to win against the mighty Zephyr ?
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