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Bit Of A Yarn

Discussion brought over from the dog forum, as it seemingly was the incorrect subject there.

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I'll honestly & happily answer your question John, with bonus coverage.

I held back against the vax tide & was very hesitant.

My wife worked in the Hospital, so she went & got the first two shots without questioning anything. I was still a hold out. Then late in the day on the vaxathon Saturday (or whatever they called it), I gave in and decided to get my first shot. Had my wife drive me to a drive-thru clinic & got the jab. Then she pulled the car forward to the waiting area, where you were supposed to wait for 15 or 20 minutes (can't remember the exact holding period). About 5 minutes into the hold period, I began feeling hot & feverish. Told my wife I was feeling hot, she said recline the seat and relax. I said na, I'll be alright.

Next thing I remember there was an ambulance dude in my face, using "Charles", asking me if I was ok & how I was feeling.

He met immediate resistance from me. Who the hell are you? How do you know my name? Why are you in my face trying to take me out of my car.

Needless to say, I went out cold. Wife has since told me it was for about 5 minutes & filled me in on what happened during my memory lapse.

As I came further back to the real world & stopped them from removing me from the car, I found I had an O2 meter thing on my finger and a blood pressure device on my arm. I calmed down a bit & asked what my O2 reading was, he said 98%. Good! I then asked what my blood pressure was, he said he hadn't taken it yet. I said go on then, but I want to know the result. He took my BP and it retuned slightly high. He had some concerns. I told him that is normal for me, as the first time during an exam it's always a bit high, then when retaken at the end of the exam when I'm more relaxed it's completely normal.

They still tried to get me to go into their ambulance, I refused. I told them to take their instruments off me because we'll be leaving now. Said I'll be going home, get a cold glass of water, go out on to my deck and pet my dog while I have a cigarette.

That was the end of the days event & that was also the last time I will be injected with anything I'm not informed about enough for my liking.

Had a couple of 2-day head colds since then. Never had a swab up my nose for testing anything. Don't know if I've had Covid. Don't care if I've had it. Don't know if it even exists.

As for my wife, I finally convinced her (my episode would have been a big help) not to be boosted and take the axing they were threatening from the hospital she had worked many years in. In the last year or so, some of her old bosses have approached her about returning. Saying that they are not in good shape & really need long experienced clued-up staff like herself.

Her ex-bosses don't seem to like the answer she gives them.

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I'm glad for your sake you saw the light.  Don't want to be a smarty, but I woke up at the get go. I flew out of China New Years day 2020 to arrive in ChCh only to be in lockdown by March. I correctly decided that it was man made, and did not come from a wet market but rather a Lab down the road. Could of been a Lab worker stopping by the wet market on the way home whatever. Then we had the warp speed vaccine out by Xmas, I do not like to call it a vaccine because clearly its not. So during 2020/2021 I researched eveything I could about the virus and more importantly the vax. My research led me to people like Luc Montagnior French virologist and Nobel Prize winner for his work on AID's, Peter McCullough American Cardiologist, Robert W Malone Physician and Biochemist, among others and learn't this poison is not for me.  Mind you it was easy for me as I didn't have a job that depended on it. Haircuts, coffee, pubs, concerts, churches etc I went without, no big deal, grew a long beard and hair. Went on many demo's against the Government led by the witch ardern, wasn't at Wellington with the hero's, but certainly would of if living in the Nth Island, one of my niece's spent two weeks there. Anyway to cut a long story short, never had any shots, and never will. The only person in my family to have all shots and boosters was a nephew which is a brother to the unvaxed niece that attended the Wellington protest, and he now has prostate cancer. He's 59 yrs old and enjoyed good health until the diagnosis late last year 2023. Cheers.

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I've never been one to go to a doctor by choice. If something happens to me I can't fix or have an illness I can't shake by myself, only then will I consider going to get something sorted, which isn't very often!

For me, the quality of life is far more important than the quantity of it. I have not set up my life to live forever, because I know you can't.

Whether the one jab I had changes what happens in my future, who knows? Whatever does ultimately happen, it will be attributed to tobacco regardless, because that's the easy answer for any doctor to hand out & fits the narrative.

My last visit to the doctor's office was for immigration purposes 18 years ago. During it, the doctor recommended that I quit smoking. I then asked him what will happen if I do quit, put on 10 or 15kgs & come back a year later, what will he be telling me then? Oddly enough, he only gave me a blank stare & didn't answer the question.

So far in life, I've been very lucky health wise. I'm now 60 years old. I've never broken a bone that required a plaster cast. I've never been admitted to the hospital for any reason. The couple of trips to the hospital I have had, were for ER visit to patch up a deepish cut and strap up a broken finger. I've never been in an ambulance (luckily, I dodged that on jab day).

We all live our lives in the way we chose too. That's a little look into the path I've taken.

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I've never been one to go to a doctor by choice. If something happens to me I can't fix or have an illness I can't shake by myself, only then will I consider going to get something sorted, which isn't very often!                                                                                    

Yes I'm the same with doctors and the medical profession, trust them as far as I could kick them. Their motto is, do no harm, what a f#cken laugh, they are worse than the evil politicians and big pharma that control them. Prior to 2020 doctors would of been the most respected people in my eyes, now at the bottom, except for the few brave doctors and nurses that refused to go along with the great evil that was rolled out in the form of the vaccine that was not. I have nothing but admiration for those that fell on their swords and were struck off the medical register by the corrupt medical council working on behalf of the Gov and overseas masters.

When the non killer virus first arrived I went to my doctor and asked for a prescription  of Ivermectin. I new he would refuse, but thought I would test him, he did not disappoint. He then said he would consult with a fellow doctor in the practice and send me some information in the mail on why taking Ivermectin was a bad idea. It duly arrived all 20 pages on how this would not work. It was pure propaganda, needless to say it was binned as misinformation. I notice on the news whenever the subject is Ivermectin, its always described as a horse or cattle wormer. This is entirely incorrect. It was discovered in Japan in the 60's for treatments in humans for conditions like scabies, it is one of the most effective medical treatments ever discovered, and also the cheapest, it is widely used throughout the world especially in Africa, a by product of Ivermectin is the animal worming side of it. Because it was so effective and cheap in treating Corona virus big pharma made sure it was not available as this would of ruined the roll out of the kill shots. Hydroxychloroquine is the same, very effective treatment for Covid but again denied by doctors because of instructions from on high. Hydroxy is the treatment for Malaria and widely used in Africa and Asia to control such. 

So Charles when I hear so called doctors decrying these safe and effective treatments, I no they are lying, or they are pig ignorant.  I did not give up on the Ivermectin, instead I sent to India for some which I now have in human pill form. 100 tabs 12mg cost about US$120 and took about 3 weeks to arrive delivered by courier to my door.

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I take it you are awake Charles as I am.  Both Tucker and John Cambell are very good source's of information. Steve Kirsch is right on to it. Peter McCullough Dr is also good, been on to it since the getgo. NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science,  NZDSOS are the truth podium in this country, they do good work. Another reference I used early in the scamdemic was Dr Luc Montagnier Nobel Prize winner for his work on AIDS. He was a French virologist, died couple yrs ago, but not before warning those with an ear and IQ to heed it.

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Ready for the next rabbit hole?

This came to mind this morning. Long read. Heard it here first.

I was born in 1963 in the States. In my childhood when we went to a restaurant or got on an airline flight, most all the adults around me were smoking cigarettes, my parents included. I started myself around 1978 & have been smoking ever since. In my late teens, when I was finishing off high school, the kids had a special area just one of the entry doors designated as the "smoker's area" set up by the school. To gain access you only needed a note from your parents.

I graduated in 1981, and smoking was still ok in public opinion. Then sometime later in the 80's the narrative changed.

Smoking tobacco started between 3 & 5000 BC in the Americas.


So, if smoking started maybe 6000 years before I was born, why was it still around now if it was so dangerous? Didn't people learn in all those years that the ones sucking on a peace pipe were health & fit then dropping dead for no good reason? They must have found out what they could eat and not drop dead, why would tobacco be any different?

Anyways, who for the last 30 years has been drilling into everyone head that smoking = bad?

Isn't it the same sort of people that are now still saying smoking = bad / C19 vax = good? Most doctors, scientists, politicians, so on.

Isn't it rather odd that when smoking suddenly became bad, numerous new vaccines were being rolled out by big pharma?


This was the recommended vaccine list when I left high school. Smoking was acceptable as it had been for 1000's of years.



Then, things began to turn. Suddenly smoking was under the gun.

Same list as above for the 10 years after I had left school. A new one had turned up.


Just 2 years later.



By 2000, the tobacco was under extreme pressure.

Smoking = bad / vaccine = good.



2005 after I had come to NZ.

Smoking bad - vaccine good.



2020ish NZ sets its goal to become a smoke free nation in 2025.



All this before the 6 or maybe 7 C-19 vaccines by now.

Smoking bad = vaccine good. Vaccine so good they tried to force everyone to get it. It's a miracle. Most evidence says it bad, but don't believe what you can see, believe the one source of truth & do it for others to keep them safe. You don't want to kill your nan because you didn't follow the science.


Big Pharma > Tobacco Industry.



That was a lot of work, even by my standards. Time for me to go have a smoke.

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5 doses when I was born. 72 doses as of 8 years ago (before covid was invented).

Tobacco attracted severe pressure in the 90's. Coincidence? 

Just ask just about any politician, doctor or scientist, smoking bad - vaccine good.


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Hey Yankiwi

I had to get a tetanus shot few weeks back after I impaled my hand on a very rusty nail and been well over 10yrs since my last shot. Sunday arvo attempting some DIY to a fence gone wrong.

Anyway off to the hospital, I was in and out within 15 minutes which at the time I thought mint. Then Tuesday at work was talking to a friend that came in and asked if I got the single shot or the triple.

Didn't have a clue, nothing mentioned when getting the tetanus shot. Checked my emails and get a message from managemyhealth through my doctor. Turns out I received the dtap-45y as im over 45ys of age, which is:

provides protection against diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough. Tdap (Adacel® and Boostrix®) provides protection against tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough

I was a tad passed off as there was no informed consent regarding this so I made a official complaint.

The result that I ended up with was that Health NZ only gives this type of tetanus shot and the charge nurse will remind staff to make sure for the future to inform patients about what the actual shot it is.

Im still currently stewing on a reply. As I'm sure you can still just get a straight tetanus shot but after rolling my ankle on Monday has been put on the side burner, also another visit to hospital but no jabs 😉.


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