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  1. Whatever Goes


    I thought he wasn't allowed at the races tracks? Noticed him on TV at Waikato last week.
  2. I would doubt they have even 20 staff, smells fishy to me.
  3. Bingo, I took the pot, I gave her 4mths tops working for that twat before she would leave. I said with him hanging over your shoulder all day telling you how to and not to do the job would send anyone packing in no time. At least with the pending court case the authorities can now clearly see that no one other than Cole himself can run that kennel, it should make their job alot easier to shut him down entirely.
  4. 8 races won by C Rendle...please stop these puppy farms he owns. Its clearer than the light of day that he can't possibly rehome the amount he breeds, its farken wrong.
  5. BBC = Brendon, Brad and guess who!?
  6. Whatever Goes

    Wall of shame

    Wtf! So you can now run back and catch for Cambridge 375 races if "capable"! Most were more than capable before they brought in that stupid rule banning it for "health and safety" reasons and now it's OK? Fark they setting themselves up for reimbursing anyone who has ever been fined in the past for "failing to arrange a catcher"! Bring it on ?
  7. That attitude is the reason why greyhound racing in NZ is on its knee's. The 50/50 idea originally came from Aus (nothing good comes out of Aus) and when a dog is injured or spelled the owners their take the dog away from the trainers kennels to rehabilitate it... They don't lump it on the trainer to cover costs when the thing can't race! Regrettably NZ owners must of missed that memo and expect the trainers to cover costs for down time in the kennels, sometimes 3-4mths,do you believe that's fair? Do you think that's good for the industry participants? I'm not talking about group race capable dogs, just average run of the mill "also rans" that many want trained on 50/50.
  8. He might be a broke one too if his mate has charged him trainers fees for the last 4wks! Has every right to of course, if the dogs can't race and the deal is 50/50 then the owners have to dig into their tiny pockets and stump up the bucks... Bet ya they refuse to pay! Tightest owners in the racing industry.
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