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  1. completey correct he has small mans syndrome
  2. and what would happened if it was found the said person wasnt the murdere
  3. your kidding she should have been fined she is a proffessional trainer not a dummy ffs its as bad as having a happy birthday lisa cole race seriously
  4. wally

    import fee

    just make a dog with a ticket can not be imported well there goes 75% of imports
  5. wally

    import fee

    how many of those 8 pups are rehomed
  6. thats good but wouldnt you think it would make great pr to do an iterview straight after race saying how great it felt training first winner
  7. have to agree tommy the sport needs to be promoted not adopt the secret society approach at least some trainers go on radio tab on raceday and give their thoughts on there runners
  8. wally

    import fee

    whats everyones thoughts
  9. optioms dont look good
  10. jay pee bee ex kiwi running at murtoa vic race 3 had 2 runs down south last one at riccas a top run will win races currently 12/s
  11. bring him back hes fun
  12. sorry boys and girls been away travelling any tips for today
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