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  1. I have been rung up and asked to work. Next time they ring I will have say that I'm not vaccinated. Don't think there are many like me however. This might be of interest: The Story of Ivermectin and Covid-19
  2. Being advertised as, "Once in a lifetime opportunity provides buyers a chance to secure over 1.4ha of greenfield development land located beside the southern motorway, 10 minutes to the CBD, on the border of Ellerslie Racecourse." Of course it is part of the Ellerslie Racecourse - a part that has now been subdivided off.
  3. From the Amalgamation Date (ARC & CRC) to the conclusion of the 3rd Annual Meeting ... the Board will be ... two persons who are members of the Club (ARC?) and Board members immediately before Amalgamation ... two persons who are CRC members and members of the CRC Committee immediately before Amalgamation .. up to three persons who need not be Members and who are appointed by the Board members ... above. $280k divides nicely by seven = $40k each p.a.
  4. At the AGM of Auckland Thoroughbred Racing Inc on 29 Nov 2021. Mr G Vazey will move the motion set out below. Motion: That in accordance with Rule 24.6 a sum of $280k be approved to be paid to the Board annually as Directors’ fees.
  5. Yesterday (Sunday) I went to the shopping mall. There were cars everywhere and finding a parking space was proving difficult for many. Luckily the mobility permit worked for us and we got a space right in front of the self-opening doors. Mum, who's ninety-two, said to me, "Look at all the people coming out of the mall. Most have only bought one item and many have bought nothing at all." I replied that people have got nothing to do, and because they don't want to sit around at home, they have all come to the shopping mall. People such as the late Campbell Moncur, got rid of domestic weeke
  6. Someone using the non-de-plume Finga Bell Auckland wrote this account in a letter to The Informant (I think). It was photo-copied and given to me so I can't be sure where it appeared. For some reason I saved it in a ring binder. It is sort of relevant to this discussion. I remember when: You went to the races and you were surrounded by people who were genuinely there for the racing, to see good jockeys, horses and have a bet. Having a drink and feed was something you ducked in to do between races. Now you are surrounded by young ladies tottering around on heels so high they can barely sta
  7. Your third point is the correct one, "People aren't that interested in this sport any more." Even people who go to the races on the big days are not interested. They go to drink and socialise. The betting windows are deserted and the queues at the bar reach to wall on the other side of the room. Clubs bring in rows of port-a-loos because selling grog drives up the demand for toilets. At the other end of the spectrum racing is all about money: big money at the yearling sales; big money for a few races; and big money from selling a promising horse to an overseas buyer. New Zealanders
  8. On TradeMe. Includes some of the course proper and the 800m chute. Being sold by Barfoot & Thompson Pukekohe, (Licensed: REAA 2008). Why them?
  9. Don't know what the oncourse turnover was but the once a year racegoers spent up big on booze. The queues at the bars were 40+ deep. I can't understand what makes people so desperate for a Corona. The public grandstand was packed and the roar of the crowd at the end of the races was deafening. After 4.00 pm the queues at the bars and betting windows vanished. Maybe a lot went home. The ARC had its day in the sun. So should every other Club.
  10. So what did they serve up at New Zealand's premier thoroughbred racing venue on 5 Dec 2020? A Group 3 race for a stake of $70,000 which had three maidens in a field of 8 runners. Stephen Marsh Cambridge and Graham Richardson Matamata provided two of the maiden runners. They didn't come from Pongakawa farmer Bob McCosh.
  11. Because that's what we're being told by people who know more than us.
  12. I counted nine people on the public grandstand during a race at The Rising Foundation Christmas Raceday. Some of them were only there because the place where they worked was holding it's Christmas function at the races. Two of them turned and laughed at me counting, "one, two, three, four ... " We need to close down all the racecourses which don't have facilities as good as you'd find at the Wynyard Quarter.
  13. Why are you laughing? That's what happens only you don't have to run 1:07. Explosively won a maiden race at Te Rapa in 1:11.52 with a 3kg claiming apprentice up. Total stake winnings $5,400. On Saturday 5 December Explosively ran in the Group 3 $70,000 Bonecrusher Stakes at Ellerslie. That was the second start of its career. It ran third. Racing has improved out of sight from the days when the main race of the day was the Open Handicap and you looked to see what the horse you were interested in was running like at this time last year. People love seeing top horses running in Group Ra
  14. By the look of it, South African got rid of racing clubs and set up a listed company to run their racecourses. Now the company is bankrupt. In New Zealand we set up the Racing Authority/Racing Industry Board/Racing Board to run racing. A $72.5 million support package has saved it from collapse. Same mistake in both countries. Racing is not a business: it is the king of sports.
  15. If the instance of perjury and fraud involves a racing matter and not getting involved means the perpetrator gets away with what they have done , then not getting involved would be detrimental to the interests of racing. Anything a Judicial Committee rules is detrimental to the interests of racing is a serious racing offence. Morality, associated noise, angst and whether those factors are intolerable are irrelevant considerations.
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