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  1. That 2 year old filly "Ladies In Red" (Mach Three) could be anything. Very, very impressive win tonight, making it 7 starts, 7 wins.
  2. Andrew McKerrow does a terrific job, and a top guy. He is a real asset to the racing industry. I think we are very lucky to have him.
  3. I sincerely hope Mr Lamb is supported as well as he possibly can be in what may be a difficult time for him. We are all human afterall. I think now is a good time to perhaps put the past behind us, learn from it, and look forward to the future.
  4. If true, will that mean Copy That gets a start in the FFA?! Just joking, but kind of not.
  5. I am hearing Ricky Donnelly will be the starter at Addington for the Show Day races?! To be confirmed.
  6. Nah mate, in one way I would love to, but in another way, I don't want to. Fair to say I'm a dollar each way on it! Like I've said, I feel for the guy. Not saying I agree with or like his performance and what he does, but I need to show him a wee bit of respect etc. I really hope the new CEO can maybe address the whole issue of starting races etc and the process involved when so many people are unhappy with this situation.
  7. No mate, wasn't me. I didn't sign it either. The situation is sad. I feel for the starter. I really do. Not trying to stick up for him, but he must be trying to do his best. Surely? There are plenty giving him stick, and I feel for him, and his family too. I've made my thoughts known on the starting issues over the years, but in a way I kind of feel sorry for the starter. He is getting some heat from plenty of people, and at the end of the day, I think the whole system needs a real good going over, not just one specific individual. Because these issues are being raised time and tim
  8. Good point, just one was standing and the other one pacing. There was an online petition doing the rounds last night to replace the starter for Addington. Names were being added at a great rate. Sad in a way, but something seriously needs to be done. People are angry and have had enough.
  9. On a more positive note, it was great to get the Judge's call post race on Trackside with placings and times etc.
  10. Like the commentator said right at this moment; "Tapes are back!" And the starter yelled out Happy, Riiight. One can only assume he was happy, not only with the movement of some runners on the outside, but also the proximity to the tape of the inside runners? How many lengths back from the tape is Copy That and co?
  11. I love all the different scenarios that people think may or may not eventuate. It's quite interesting to hear different points of view and analysis. I think we are all in agreement that the starter will not get things Riiiiight, and we probably won't be HAPPY with the start. Hope I'm wrong. Last two things I will say: 1. Whatever scenario M Guerin thinks will eventuate, the opposite will happen (love you Mick). 2. "Marker pegs are gold, gold, gold and you can't come from behind the pace, you need to be up there handy turning for home." Better punting everyone. Enjo
  12. I have it on good authority that the CJC have not been treated differently to Addington, in terms of restricting the age of patrons to an event. It is indeed the club's decision to make it a R18 event. The Christchurch District Licensing committee includes reps from the Council (liquor licensing), the medical officer of health, the District Health Board, and the NZ Police. In a nutshell, a few years back the club was very close to losing their onsite license. This was because the 2015 cup day was very, very messy. Some quarters have stated that they were not fully capabl
  13. Showers are forecast for Tuesday. It could be the first time in a very long time, that the cup is run in the wet. My memory escapes me, I'm getting too old; when was the last time the actual cup race itself was run in the rain? Rain and a sou' wester will bring with it three major concerns. 1. The body art competition with the near naked ladies (do they have fellas in this these days too, with the gender equality thing and all that?) could turn out to be a disaster/success. It's one thing being nippy, for want of a better term, but being both cold and wet, I feel these
  14. What is this monstrosity? Looks quite large. Would probably be a good spot for a public grandstand.
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