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  1. Give Luke Radich a permanent spot on Weigh In and the ratings will go through the roof. His rants were right on the money this week. He is intelligent and forthright and unlike Guerin has no fawning allegiance to one stable.
  2. He once contacted me to try and get my horse moved from another trainer to his stable and Im definitely not the only one. Does that answer your question?
  3. She is a disgrace and a failure and always has been. Sad indictment on the whole Industry if this is the best they can do as head of the TAB board and then the dogs. I wouldn't employ her to clean my septic tank.
  4. Peanut

    TV3 News

    Your pitiful excuse for a sport is a disgrace and so is the pig of a woman in charge. Cant wait to see the back of both it cant come soon enough.
  5. The guy is absolute scum. Enough is enough. All "Racing" gets tarred with the same brush by this disgusting excuse for sport.
  6. Lead item on the six o clock news. More Abuse of Greyhounds by a leading trainer and another pathetic appearance by the disgraced former TAB chairperson Glenda Hughes. Time for this horrid sport to go. Time for Glenda the badwitch to jump on her broom and get the hell out of dodge. AT very least get this awful excuse for a sport off the same TRackside channel as TB racing.
  7. What planet does this "fact" come from? NZTR might have continued to operate all the way through but racing and training stopped during lockdown and horses that should have been earning money for owners were just sitting in paddocks costing it.
  8. As the saying goes. You get one chance to make a good first impression. Sharrock has blown it with this diatribe there is nothing here we dont already know and lets see some action not words. Starting with getting rid of dead wood and the pencil pushers with fancy corporate titles who take plenty and contribute nothing.
  9. Colgan - McNab - Bosson apparently all positive. Meanwhile, Rosehill and Flemington party like its 1999.
  10. More blood on the floor today. Thank goodness Book 3/Carnival no longer exists.
  11. Bit of a weirdo but definitely held his own against the village idiot.
  12. Exactly right Huey. Grass roots people applying for the Board first ask themselves "what can i do to effect change for the better". Whereas the "more qualified" types would be asking how much it paid.
  13. you couldn't make this stuff up. Surely the Board needed a non gender specific anti vax Maori with lesbian parents for a bit of diversity.
  14. Their Christmas parties might be a bit more fun in future 🙄 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/gregor-paul-strippergate-finally-catches-up-with-chiefs-ceo-andrew-flexman
  15. Start with the guy at the top who has ruled for longer than the last King Of Thailand.
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