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  1. Tokyo Tycoon another "bargain" buy Karaka Million winner by Te Akau just like On the Bubbles and what a thrill for the large group of owners. At the other end of the scale Espionage which i think was their top priced purchase at Karaka 2020 is still trying to win one. They seem to have a much better record with these reasonably priced horses.
  2. WRC are their own worst enemy. I actually dont begrudge the Country clubs that have a gate charge but allow BYO booze and food but to charge $50 General admission on Cup Day and then probably $10 for a warm beer and the same for a cold pie is taking the piss.
  3. Agree with lots of that but one of the main problem we have is that the Captain you mention of the Titanic has only ever driven little runabouts in the past and the waters are obviously way too deep and rough for him.
  4. its 100% correct and the arrogant RIB have a lot to answer for.
  5. doesnt read like he is leaving NZ ..yet. https://www.racingnews.co.nz/forsman-to-operate-victorian-stable/?fbclid=IwAR2duXJHoi9iOYBbHI3R8gi4wak7XF_rzFINc4ylu7VuA_bFl1GinRSuz9Y
  6. Bit rough on Craig when the horses arent going good enough. MIscreant was especially terrible, well backed from a big stable under a ride the whole way but a bad last.
  7. And on NZ Racing News Facebook today "Legendry" trainer Colin Jillings.
  8. With a strike rate of 151 Harris should be charged with cruelty to owners.
  9. Agree Huey, The Love Racing "marketing" team should be sacked if thats the best they can come up with.
  10. Yet when it comes to advertising the new appointment of new Board members this year the MC has the arrogance to say they are unlikely to make any changes at this time. If you want to talk about conflicts of interest look no further than the Chair of the MC especially when it relates to RACE and Awapuni.
  11. I see Walkers strike rate has crept up over 6 - not bad but still a long way off tearaway leader Paul Harris on 127.
  12. Not only are most runners from North Island stables the quality of both the CJC track and the club management are clearly not up to Group one standard. P.S South Island trained horses good enough to start would get all travel expenses paid.
  13. Did he appoint himself for life? fall on your sword mate your use by date was last century.
  14. And thats what will turn out the lights on NZ Racing. Not DCE ceasing business and going to lie on the beach at Waikiki.
  15. agree. compare their NZ records and Richard's strike rate has always been under 6 usually under 5 and i bet Walker comes nowhere near his average stake money or group and listed winners this season.
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