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  1. I have always wondered why your model only prints out the top 7 rated in a race and not the entire field? Also why not reduce it to print out just the top 3 rated horses in the race?
  2. Both nominated for the All Star Mile at Caulfield 14th March along with Castelvecchio Avilius Beegood toya Mother Funstar Harlech Kolding Melody Belle Super Seth (who beat Alligator Blood) Verry Elleegant Just to name a few noms
  3. The Corporate bookmakers are struggling with the POC Tax turnover etc So less promos less advertising is just one way of reducing costs The bar has been lowered though if you’re a marginal punter or a punter who deposits $100 and just continues to turn it over, over a period of time, your account will become restricted or closed However if you’re a dead set loser you will still receive promo e-mails as the Corporate Bookmakers they rely on you lot more than ever now
  4. By 2007 Punters were alerted to Betfair and more Corporates had come on board Once this happened the NZ Tab were always going to take a hit, as the punter was introduced to numerous forms of gambling looking for more attractive odds
  5. The Landscape has changed since 2007 with Sports Betting making massive inroads
  6. I remember when I was at Wexford one day I asked Mouse (stable nick name) how long he intended to ride for he was 18 at the time he replied he was going to give it away in his 30s.... so I then asked him if he was going to go into training ......nah he replied I’m going to do farming One of the most laid back characters you’ll ever meet.....also one of the biggest practical jokers you’ll ever meet....he was the type of guy that would dare you to go skinny dipping in their pool then run off with your clothes Never drunk never smoked never gambled but always had a good eye for a good looking woman It’s with a tinge of sadness I reminisce of those days the decline of NZ racing Wexford was just a buzz back in the 80s the stable staff high quality Mike Moroney Foreman Paul O’Sullivan, Paul Moroney, Graham Richardson Lance O’Sullivan Shane (I am the very best ) Dye and Graeme Forbes to name a few the thoroughbred’s similar all there at the same time Blue Denim Shivaree Golden Rhapsody Heidleberg Anderil Our Shah Divine Poem Zephyr Souba Starska Pia Roona Rajah Beebe Bold Supreme La Souvarone.......and many others To reflect now with Cobalt death of Lisa and Maree and the quality of horses stake money costs etc very sad Larney was the apple of DJ’s eye I could tell he idolised Lance he used to say mouse was Australia’s Peter Cook Anywho Lance has lived the beautiful life and good on him always will be a champion in my eyes
  7. He’s known as the ice man not the nice man!!!
  8. If I was sleeping with RITA I’d employ sales reps from the top of the North to the bottom of the South I would send these reps to all businesses and try and sign up race goers non race goers into horse ownership people who aren’t into racing think owning a horse would take their weekly wage which isn’t the case I would get them to sell syndicates have different numbers 10 owners 20 owners 50 owners 100 owners whatever it took have a price list for every syndicate what the initial cost would be and the ongoing costs I would explain the benefits owners would receive how they could name their horse how it would be trained locally so they could go to the track to see it run, this way you would introduce a whole new group of people to the sport ... the flow on from this would be new accounts would be opened at the TAB more people at the track which would encourage sponsors......the bottom line is you need to get more people involved especially the young Barrys idea of starting them at 5/5-30 is a good idea family members active family members are usually involved with sports on Saturday so after they are done they could go to the races and once again a 20 minute gap all over in 3 hours is the way to go Also because of that time frame I would try and introduce the product into the Asian market
  9. Congratulations TF2G all the best in the final you guys deserve to be there Thanks to my teammates went down to the last Finally many thanks for your tireless work and hours you have put into these comps PJ they are truly legendary good to see you in the final all the best in your personal matchup VC.....over and definitely OUT!
  10. For the All Rock Stars Obviously today is a GOOD day to be posting selections so here they are for the final bound Rock Stars ?(apples) R1 01-02 R2 03-10 R3 01-08*BB R4 01-11 R5 10-14 R6 01-19 R7 01-09 R8 02-03*BB R9 02-04 R10 08-16 Firstly Congratulations to Too Fast Again a superbly run outfit, led from the front by their Captain who is held in high regard and always performs with distinction What i’m trying to say have a great off season fellas. Rock Stars no mercy let’s tuck this one under the rock we’ve got a super tough match next week against The Whackey Racers Phew lucky John and TC won’t be responding Thanks to the Master PJ as always have a good call champ
  11. . Oh deary deary me!!!!!!!!!
  12. Well said Weasel hopefully next time there is a draft TC and your good self can become team mates?
  13. Because he is Very Clever that’s what VC stands for
  14. TAB punter eyeing life changing win Morgan Payne 1 day ago A punter with the TAB punter could pocket $856,800 if Brooks Koepka is able to win the 2019 Masters at Augusta National, which tees off on Thursday 10:30pm AEST after three racing legs of his multi have all won. On October 22 the TAB customer in question placed three $125 multi bets totalling $375 at the odds of $2,284.80 on: Winx (2018 Cox Plate at $1.20) Cross Counter (2018 Melbourne Cup at $17) Aristia (2018 VRC Oaks at $8) Brooks Koepka (2019 Masters winner at $14) “It has been a long five months for this TAB punter to wait for the first golf major of 2019, but they will be hoping that Brooks Koepka is wearing the green jacket on Monday morning Australian time,” TAB’s Trent Langskaill said.
  15. R1-05-06 R2-03-04 R3-02-03*BB R4-01-02 R5-05-08 R6-02-03 R7-07-09 R8-02-11*BB R9-01-16 R10-05-11 Thanks PJ little bit of luck Rob good punting Rock Stars
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