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  1. Obviously you have no skin in the game as well as dont understand the numbers. They may be above budget but in the absence of another Government handout or borrowing the industry will take a significant pay cut. I can't see how that is anything to be glad about.
  2. Don't we want to capture new customers? Doesn't the removal of oncourse betting facilities negate this? Surely Christmas meetings and iconic racedays (Cup week) will have oncourse facilities? Imagine trying to organise a "fun" betting syndicate amongst your fellow party goers without them.
  3. Making some big calls there Forbury. Any evidence?
  4. Tell ya what Galah do you want to have a bet who wins the bigun at Alexandra Park on Friday? I'll take the Allstars.
  5. So Galah if you are looking for current patterns vs historical patterns you would be pleased that the All Stars have seem to got on top of what was causing the hoof/lower leg issues. However I'd suggest that you factor into you "patterns" an allowance for the fact that it will probably take the younger horses longer to respond to any treatment but then you'd have to assume that the Allstars won't be starting them unless they are fit and ready.
  6. "which suggests" - it doesn't specifically say that the two top NZ cup contenders are being rested. In fact it specifically says in regard to two of those horses - "there is nothing to suggest their cup chances will be affected." The latest report on their trial is that they were scratched because of "minor hoof issues" which they appear to be over. Another article says that they had treatment and farrier work. So it is more than feasible that a top trainer can fix a minor problem in a week. But it is nothing out of the ordinary - it happens all the time. With your extensive s
  7. Most trainers do keep detailed records of significant treatments. Of course you wouldn't expect them to record applying hopple chaf would you? Do you draw a line? So you want these "log books" published to achieve "true transparency, honesty and compliance"? What a load of nonsense. Do you extend this to individual feed regimes? After all the biggest performance enhancements in recent decades has been in feed formulation. If you think Racing is so inherently dishonest why do you bother with it? Or is it in reality that you don't really care but just sit on the sidel
  8. Not much humour do ye have Galah! So if YOU are being consistent you would expect every trainer to give a public explanation why they scratched their horse?
  9. Well your memory seems selective HtP. The Allstars give a credible reason why their horses were scratched and you join the rumour mill. But then try to defend McGrath! As for the P crew - good question but isn't that one for the RIU to answer? As for the wormer paste I'm not across that "made up story" as you call it.
  10. But what could the "real reason" be if it isn't what was stated? All you've done is "ooohhh look I smell something and I think it's smoke". In my opinion the reason given sounds perfectly reasonable. If it isn't as you infer why aren't the RIU hiding in the hedges and then testing all their horse's and giving INCA a chance to maybe finally score a goal?
  11. FFS HtP are you joining the conspiracy mob as well? Between acceptances and scratching the two horses had a problem. They were treated and had farrier work. Then went to the trials and appear to be back on track. What on earth could be the great conspiracy? Shock horror inference rumour knock ya knees wear a tinfoil hat....
  12. It doesn't change that fact there is "nothing to see" and the only "tongues wagging" are the likes of yours. The likes of who shout smoke where there is no fire. Actually you particularly don't even state anything you just make inferences. The article doesn't acknowledge anything it just provides more information and where is the contradiction? The original article said that the issues wouldn't affect the Cup preparation of the two horses mentioned. How were punters "fed spin"? Are you saying that the Purdon and Rasmussen were lying?
  13. As for the rules - easy to look up on HRNZ's site. Can't start within five days in a STAKES bearing race - however exceptions to that rule can be - Stipes accept written explanation as "exceptional circumstances" or a Vet certificate is provided.
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