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Police Raid Stables?? Oh Dear

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I think the old bill did the right thing Stipe. It's a big deal to set up phone taps and surveillance etc. One incident of highly dubious conduct may be defended but it's virtually impossible to defen

Agree,but that is what happens when you have below average Stewards policing the industry and that is in both codes. Mike Godber is clueless and clearly out of his depth in his role.

Brodie my respectful suggestion is you stop referring to yourself in the third person.  It's creepy.  

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3 minutes ago, Brodie said:

This has been ongoing for awhile I believe.

No use with the conjecture as it will come out in the wash as they say.

The unfortunate thing is that it will tarnish the whole industry even if there is no foul play!

No foul play?

You do know that to carry out police operations involving 100 staff, that have been going on for months, is hardly just a hunch. This will be huge

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There are all sorts of rumours floating around and of course many are just BS

Dunn’s are major trainers I would’ve thought?

Can not see the Dunn’s race fixing at all and Brodie is always on the money!

The alleged race fixing by others has been around for awhile, but how on earth would a computer be able to prove that?

Why would you send emails or have incriminating evidence on your computer?

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